According to Charlie Greer, “the National Science Foundation put out some very interesting statistics, the average person thinks about 12,000 thoughts per day. A deeper thinker puts forth 50, 000 thoughts daily. We think a 1, 000 thoughts per hour.

058Incessant thinking produces at least 25,000 negative thoughts a day. We bombard ourselves with calamity and catastrophic imageries that exhaust positivity. Pessimistic philosophies are direct affronts to self-cultivation and actualization. As a result, the infested mental framework affects our ability to constructs a consciousness of balance and sincerity.

Despite its small following in Western society, Daoism methods to healthy living are non-controversial and irrefutable. Consequently, Daoism is one of the best approach to self-actualization because its main premise is to develop a stable and balance consciousness.

Stop Talking to your Mind

The Daoism approach to deconstruction of the negative mind emphasizes recognizing negative thoughts and taking no action. Yes, allow negative mental patterns to come and allow them to exit. Consequently, by not interfering with investigation one builds a high tolerance of acceptance and surrender. We often may have negative thoughts, however, attachment to these thoughts become mentally exhausting. “Let it Go.”

This may go against popular wisdom, but all thoughts need not be scrutinized, especially negative ones. When we engage cynical thoughts for reasoning, it is counterproductive and attaches one to a circular debate. Often, we find ourselves talking out loud in public surrounding.

Non-interference limits and eventually slows negative thinking to an unnoticeable level. Chiefly, the more practice allowing these judgments to dissolve of their own discourse without rebuttal, the more positive thoughts are nurtured and cultivated.

This takes practice of the Tao…

The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis