Being constant in touch with Tao is an ideal…we can also fall out of synchronization with Tao through our own follies, as when we act without complete consideration…if we keep our patience, we can usually ride out these times.  We should take action and break the stagnation if an opportunity presents itself.  Whether it is waiting or acting, we should always try to bring a situation back into balance so that we can rejoin Tao…365 Tao Daily Meditation, Deng Ming-Dao

(Personal Development)

To develop higher awareness we must comprehend our spirit in its entirety.  To fully explore without pretentious covering or egotistical dishonesty, we must accept our present state of consciousness.  Consequently, the acceptance of our beliefs, habits, and consciousness may permit a spiritual baseline to enhance or otherwise.  Conversely, we may return to the Tao without hesitation or disharmony if we ventures dangerously close to the sun or deep-sea.  One cannot return to balance unaware of the curved consciousness.

The Invisible Dragon