The store sits on the corner of Midtown Manhattan, New York (That’s in America). I walk in and ask the cashier for my change. She stares slowly but continues to arrange her display of goods. Again I say in a soft but stern whisper, “may I have my change”. Her thick Indian accent states in a soft tone, “for what, sir?” I reply, “my change…so I can be on my way”. ”Sir,” the word wrapped now in perplexity, “what is this change you speak of” she says. She seems like a nice person, tall dark stunning. If I was not predestined, asking her out would make sense. But she confuses me, her coil response to a perfect question makes me consider deception. She states again, however, “what change?” I wonder why the confusion in translation.

I consider her viewing the aged-bronze skin and tilted shoulders as mental deterioration. However this old coat masquerades youthful intentions, one of walking… no…of running! Yes running in the park with her nude. Hmm…only if she knew, but my change is the only gift I desire now; perhaps. “Sir are you ok?” Obviously my noticeable daydream confuses her even more. I wipe the pleasurable smile away and recite, “Yes I am, I would like the change of my life…thank you”. Being clear in speaking is important…learned this long ago. Hopefully with this clarity she’ll understand and I’ll be on my way.

“Sir, this change you speak of I do not have”…“a tough cookie this one,” I say to myself. Exasperated now, I state with my investigative voice, “I am looking for the change of my life (insert eye wink); the antidote which removes painful throbs from the past. By the way, the cab driver said you could deliver this…I have come from far away” (I smile). I have a lovely smirk many young attractive women say this, obviously this must be true. “Sir” she continues her politeness as she replies, “you want to go up two blocks, talk to my cousin…he will help you with this change you speak about”.

In Manhattan, New York people love being secretive, I guess it promotes aura or importance, who knows. However, up two blocks to see a man about change. I have a lovely smile…many young attractive women say this…telling the cab driver.

To be con’t…”The Cab Driver”


Robert Williams