You will not wish, cry, or pray away what is bothering you spiritually.   You will not tithe, donate, or give charitably away this divine irritableness either.  Sadly, only the clever and immature attempts to barter with nothing.  As we know, the purgatory starting line will continue to reappear with this thinking.

The tao te ching, bible, quran, or motivational books are useless concerning your spiritual uneasiness.  Being an accomplished reader does not gain favor. Renewing one’s consciousness requires rigid inner reflection and determination.  As a result, old belief patterns should become susceptible to refutation.  “Out with the old and in with the new.”

But, unchaining false realities, harder than imagine.  Why you ask?  Because the chained consciousness lives with soreness as an acceptable feeling.  Hence, the doubtful spirit becomes easier to fake as real in public.  In the end the inflexible consciousness unwilling to trust her inner being will pain religiously.

Self-cultivation is a one-person journey.

Get going…as hard as it will be…get going.

Miles Davis

The Invisible Dragon