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depression(22)Psychotherapy and anti-depressive medication eventually cured my 20-year struggle with depression. Nevertheless, not gently, I fought tooth and nails against diagnosis and treatment. In 2005 however my unmanageable life slapped me in the face, it hurt really bad; I sought help. Women seek treatment for depression double the rate than men. However many men will go undiagnosed and untreated for years until their lives result into a wreck. How to help men acknowledge depression is an important step in subsequent diagnosis and treatment.

Depression is treatable with a success rate of 60-80%.


(1) Education

Depressed men should seek medical attention. Consequently intervention strategies that encourage men to face their mental illness is vital. Mental disorders’ conversations in America have become vogue in the last decade. Myths and stereotypes aside education remains a vital intercession component.  Hence relative knowledge insures evidence-based strategies are used to help men seek and receive proper medical attention.  Professional health intervention, especially cognitive behavioral therapy are proven treatment strategies for depression.  An educated person on the issue of mental disease and scientifically based treatment options increase the chances their partners will seek treatment.


(2) Compassionmental-health

Depression affects brain, body, and mood. Substance abuse, addiction, and excessive working are some symptoms associated with depression. However these indications are not simply character flaws but proverbial cries for help. Depressed men articulate their pains in these debilitating devices and others.

Mental illness can mutes voices and alters common sense.  As a result, the bottle, hypersexuality activities, gambling, or risky behaviors speaks. These behaviors are “screams for intervention” and not pleasurable activities undertaken some would believe.  In fact, depressed men experience intense pain after an episode of self-medication.

Happily, education also increases the empathy in understanding and caring for mentally ill men. Depression is a mental disease that affects the whole person. Care Holistically.


(3) Care for Self

Depressed men impacts all primary individuals involved their lives (e.g., wives, girlfriends, male partners, children). These men can cause partners extreme frustration at times. Fighting mental disease is an enormous battle. Nevertheless, supportive principals must maintain spiritual sobriety to increase their effectiveness.

First, maintain mental and physical health, this will keep spirits upbeat in down moments; do not neglect yourself. Second, join depressive support groups, others who are going through your situation best understand your predicament. Finally, normal lifestyle continuity is important, as much as possible stick to your normal routines. Empowering yourself is not selfish, it is intelligent.

As we know, depression has a 60-80% curable success rate with treatment.

Miles Davis

The Invisible Dragon