A_slice_of_life_by_giladYou rise, shining your presence on us all. I rise to your warm kisses upon my soul, bringing me into a state of overwhelming passion. You grace us with your gentle sometimes over powering existence, yet when time comes, you understand how to give us space. But for me, this space you provide is hell. For without your light I am lost in a field of darkness, drowning in a sea of the unseen, burning in the fire that is the pain of my past.

You rise, allowing us to move freely underneath your beautiful glare. I rise to the song that you provide for the birds to sing, placing a smile on my face and a sense of exuberant optimism for the start of this new day upon my heart. But then surely, you must rest as well. But what about me, there is surely no rest for the weary!

For in your absence, my mind runs rampant wondering if your light will shine once more; my arms, fully extended search for the way back into your warm embrace; my feet, blistered from the journey to forever bask in the light of your presence; my heart, cold and torn from your exit and leaving me in the silence of the night.

Oh sun, by day I take for granted your loving warmth and nurturing embrace and by night I cower bruised, battered, beaten, lost and alone awaiting your return. Day and night, so such is the pattern of life.

written by Will J. Hobbs


Miles Davis

The Invisible Dragon