Texas Teachers May Get Access To Confidential Student Criminal Histories

juvenile_jail_0320I believe this law creates another barrier for students of color specifically African-American and Latino male students. I am concerned young colored boys who are presently seen as anti-intellectual and troublesome will receive even more negative prejudicial treatments. As such, Texas’ public school teachers may now present a student as a threat after reading their criminal record and have the student removed from their classroom.

What argument could the student present in their defense?

In America, a criminal record is a death sentence; regardless if the crime was felonious or not. As a result, the accused’ employment opportunities fade swiftly and everyday survival becomes vital. In addition, boys of color already feel alienated from public education and this law drops another (racial profiling) rock upon their heads. In the end, this law will hasten boys’ suspensions, expulsions and eventually personal hardship.   It’s simply math, color boys’ who are not in schools are on track to the prison industry system.  Thanks Texas for helping the prison enrollment swell with fresh faces.


Robert A. Williams