Written by Allie Gragreen. “The Sociology completely predicts this.  The powerful will always find ways to preserve power, and whenever any given thing that the powerful have the other people get access to, they’ll find some way to get a handle on the next level,” Goldrick-Rab said.  “The Race to the Top is at war with the equity agenda.  The effort to be the best and brightest in the world, to be the most elite in the world, is naturally conflicting with the efforts of those who would like to see people be more equal.”

And, as the report says, it’s not just the students who are competing to be the best—it’s the college, too.  The benefits of enrolling a high-achieving student body—more prestige, higher rankings in U.S. News & World Report, better job placement and more generous alumni, to name a few—have just been too tempting for the institutions to pass up, the authors says.  Read More here: Inside Higher Education