Tao te ching verse 55 (Stephen Mitchell’s translation)

The master’s power is like this.

she lets all things come and go

effortlessly, without desire.

She never expects results;

thus she is never disappointed.

she is never disappointed

thus her spirit never grow old


I have made great strides in allowing things to be, nevertheless, I was a sick puppy at one time.  In my youth (i.e., yesterday) large parcel of my consciousness housed thoughts of control.  I was absorbed with force, accepting reality was not an option; there was always something I could do about it.  I thought F&#K going with the flow.  I am the damn flow!  Needless to say, I fought many needless battles with this jaded contraction of awareness.  You silly, silly man!

I’m not saying going with the flow didn’t work for me, on the contrary, it worked when my needs were met.  But recently, (i.e., yesterday) I’ve tried and with a bit of success to accept all manners of realities.  I’m driven by my deceased mother’s mantra, “You can get down any way you like; I do not give a damn.”  In other words, you can fight life if you like, but I’m not getting in the ring with you; I may just referee.

Learning to live in the moment (i.e., today) is the only blessing one should desire.  As a result, if you accept that and oxygen, you’ll not become unhinged at the first sign of trouble.  You’ll realize hopefully and quite quickly, no matter the circumstances,  you will not reshape the outcomes.  Just remember, how much time we have spent (i.e., today) attempting this flawed premise.  Here’s a nudge, mimic the animals and plants, they never squabble about their circumstances.  They instinctively have gathered, ‘It is what it is’.

The Invisible Dragon