blog shot

I sometimes go away from my blog and for the life of me I do not why. I guess watching words go on paper seems a bit pretentious at times. You must figure how does one create such an autonomously title as blog writer, who would figure. Yet, I return from my self-exile maybe to speak about the death of Nora Ephron an atheist as myself and her love of reading or wonder why Justice Roberts ruled against his party. But yet maybe I returned to review the tragedy that surrounds the Penn State scandal. UGGG!!! I also missed my high school picnic in Chicago again…my feet seem to stare at me at times.

I joined a photography club on Facebook located in my home town (DeKalb, ill). It’s mostly White members, I find few brothers or sisters’ taking pictures but my friend Sylinda does. She’s an artist, at least by my definition. Why am I telling you all this? No particular reason, my typing has commandeered my fingers or is that the other way around. Either way this is a live typography of the thoughts that have flooded my consciousness; this is not scripted or written from an outline, “I’M THINKING WRITING OUT LOUD.” I miss my mother who died long ago in 1990, I’m not sure if that’s considered long, but my heart says so.

Presently, I’m reading two books one on American history “Slavery by Another Name” by Douglas Blackmon and “Start with No” by Jim Camp. Obviously one title provides a pretty explicit description of its content while the other is a book off me shelf on business negotiation; both pretty well written.

By the way, I’ve come to realize I know very little about American history particularly about African-American slavery. I’m not talking about surface knowledge concerning slavery but the actual construction of chattel slavery. In one word, brutal. Douglas Blackmon does a marvelous job detailing accounts of slavery as well as the construction of Jim Crowism and the orchestration of the caste system, marvelous my friends check a copy. Good stuff.

HBO’s Bill Maher’s going on vacation till August 17, and Breaking Bad is coming back in a few weeks. I watch television occasionally but not too much, I Tivo most programs. However, I’ve been a Bill Maher fan since his Politically Incorrect was unceremoniously canceled on ABC. Funny guy and an atheist that Maher. I need to get his second body of work on “New Rules”.

Ok, the time has come to…I’m exhausted, hack writing isn’t easy.

Bon Voyage,

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