loversI saw a beautiful bird fly by me today and I asked where she was going. Her voice covered with silk hidden by a peculiar smile said, “I’m going to fall in love with you today”. “This little bird understands nothing about love, at least not about the love of a strong independent man. Her wings fluttered and she whistled, “Do you love someone?” I replied with expedience, “Of course, I love a confident woman, her scent sequestered with confidence and breasts humming a melody especially for me. I’m a fussy lover little bird. My lover must show me everything. Her reservoir must have things in it I’ve never seen or taste.”

I saw a bird fly toward me today and sat beside me on a bench. ..I said “how are you”? The attractive feathered friend seemed puzzled and joyful from the encounter. “Why are you smiling I asked?” Her smirk unable to run and hide from her smile, her lips oozed with shyness. She spoke, ‘what kind of woman do you love?” I thought for a moment while my head filled my hands. Hmm…I love a sincere and hot woman. Her flesh tender to the touch yet sizzle when I kiss her privates. I want her to stab her nails into my back as my eyes descent upon her belly’s breathing rhythmic. My lover’s cramped smile says in any language, “Oh baby, you’re so good to me”

What you know about love, the bird says. “Hmm…a lot, I feel my lover in my imagination while she’s in the shower, I taste her before I see it. I’m not shy little bird. In fact, my heart says everything out loud; I’m a naughty boy with a glamorous mouth. My lover loves this, I can tell. Oh, how I talk about her body and my preferences. I have the wildest imagination. At times, I drain myself just from the touch of her pelvis on my chin. Sometimes…I bite my lip sometimes but it doesn’t hurt.  Bird, I love her until she breaks and I put her back together again for the next day.

I know about love birds…

The Invisible Dragon