Recently, and all too often, I’ve being called aggressive, impolite, and mean.  I am neither these adjectives nor any other misguided labels (i.e., aloof, unapproachable, and misanthropic).  In the past, I have rebuked such attempts of my character with disdain and bewilderment.  Recently, I have discovered as I always recognized, my personality is not the problem, but the misinterpretation thereof by the misinformed.  NEWFLASH! I am an introvert, not a monster.

WARNING!  An introverted personality is not synonymous with shyness, fear of crowds, or one that shrinks in the spotlight.   As an introvert, it simply means, I have little patient for small talk, or extended time in social settings.  On the contrary, I can operate quite well in large settings; I can speak to large groups with ease.  Nevertheless, and this is important, I need isolation to recoup my energy.  So, I prefer to be alone than in a crowd to regain my inner power.  Again, social events are not deal breakers. But I will need time between engagements to maximise optimal energy levels.

In the last few days, I’ve watched a TED video and read some literature on being an introvert in an extroverted society.  I found the video ok, but I would recommend all to give it a go, so we could drop with the negative labels.

Just my 60 seconds…

The Invisible Dragon