I will poem-nize the underlining message when policemen brutalize African Americans caught on tape. This brutality is a planned and unplanned public lynching (Pick-a-Negro Day). Yes, we are the victims of public terrorism (KKK/Cops) since being taken and enslaved (Free Labor).

Though we have fought several social justice battles (Non-Violent) yet none seemed to have worked (Unorganized violence, peaceful protest).

Sadly, like days gone by, America remains at peace with our present state (Marginalized, Poverty-Stricken), nightly news highlight brutality by cops (Psychologically Traumatizing).

This unfathomable brutality receives the blessings of some passive Whites, and Blacks (If only they stop resisting).

Consequently, our children receive these negative images by internet, TV, and history books (Texas, slavery was a immigrants workers’ program).

So, Pokie fights his minds and souls (Black on Black violence Myth) because he can’t complain (Where’s your Daddy?).

What about your Black community organizers (Black Misleaders supporting Trump) minsters and pastors for hire (No support for poverty).

What about our children’ education we must fight the system (DeKalb, Ill Teaching Faculty 86.1% Whites) and what about multiculturalism (Black Teachers 3.7% )?

Damn, (God infused)…What is the possible fate of African American students if they underperform (Prison Industrial Complex) as a result of not receiving culturally relevant teaching (Black students are lazy).

Cops subject us to the worse form of subjugation (Public Humiliation, Private Terror).

But, it’s no surprise America used policemen for this fear (KKK/Cops) and terror mission (Not responsible) in our communities (Liquid stores, food desserts) in our homes or downtown (Blacks have no rights worth defending).

Again, the purpose for these daily public lynching (Systemic Racism and Power) is to remind us of our place (Faces at The Bottom of the Well).

The Dragon ReDux