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Robert A. Williams, M.Ed

Reader, writer, author, educator,  jazz, budding entrepreneur, disc jockey, NIU Office of Community Affairs, City of DeKalb Human Relation Commissioner.

I founded the Invisible Dragon in 2007 to journal my life, past and present.


Exactly Five feet 11 inches

I am a native Chicagoan; I have lived in Pittsburgh and Atlanta,

Favorite teams: L.A. Lakers, New York Yankees

Childhood fear:  Hunger, poverty, racism, implicit bias

Favorite people:  Family members, strangers

Blog’s Purpose

I write about life’s subject matters.


My experiences are my religious principles.   I treat people as they would like to be treated.


I have M. Ed. and an education in postsecondary reading.  Presently, I work at Northern Illinois University in the Community Affairs Department.


I am bi-lingual as my mother and grandmother spoke fluent profanity.  I will use it on occasion in their honor when applicable to illustrate a point.  If you’re offended, I am unapologetic.  Nevertheless, chalk it up as a lesson in diversity, linguistics, and ethnic culture.


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