The Black “Zombie” Athlete


The Black athlete soldier, unlike his counterpart, mirrors his urban brother.  He, the Black male, yearns redemption through athletic.  His scarred palms, paint his predicament exactly: athletic drugs and fascination, do not exist.  His dreams die before sunrise.  The Black athlete lives and die repeatedly believing, “What If”?  redemptive imagination, no longer running hot, the dark clouds, strangle his oxygen.  His brief thoughts, sunken tightly in a bent brow, says, I am not this cause.  I am not this monster, although, one cannot read or think critically. My blame, lay among others, the others that paved my path to illiteracy.  The Black athlete is not alone in this exploration, yet, his urban warrior yearns his deliverance.  Coaches, teachers, and the hood drove darkness together, never checking the revere mirror. Not engaging the speeding car, analysts predicted dark clouds ahead, you may want to get off the road, and wait this out.  Fuck no, wait what out, its just rain, The Black athlete, arrogant and gloomy, presses the gas.

The invisible storm stirs, The Black athlete’ hell predicted, flushing poorly constructed thoughts is not a savior.  No more cheers, his alter ego, transform him into the urban or rural warrior, his dark skin cursed. The powerful strut, his athletic chest sunken, the invisibleness apparent.  Not yet to the Black Athlete…he doesn’t give a shit.  No acadphotoemic institution provided, “no, you can’t play ball, you cannot think and read critically”.  Nonetheless, he storms into the abyss, thinking to describe his death.  He stumbles breathing, as the dark smoke, strangles his Black ass to invented death.

His coded pillow, signal terror, and an unimaginable fate, the tears begin again, and again.  What community or society permits such an academic holocaust?  The Black Athlete’ salvation is imaginary, intoxicated dreams, yet, nightmares. He silently sings, his voice sickens the authentic student, she realizes he’s on academic death row.  His death secured, “take it like a man, and go back where you came from”. From where, shall I venture, for whom shall hear my sorrows?  To the whore’ blossom shall grant redemption, heroin numb feelings, I’m slowing into my place…everything fine now..I’ll sleep a bit. When the sky bleeds sunlight my spirit will awake. I’ll be different, momma, I’ll be nice…I’m scared momma: I don’t know how to read and write.  What will they do to me?

What will they do to me?

Boy stop your only got three years to serve.  Your sister say hey,  she miss you. Your son ask about you every day, I didn’t want to bring him, I don’t want him to see you like this.  What you reading in here…son you have to read, that’s only way you get somewhere.  How’s your cousin doing, what cellblock is he in…don’t they fight over there a lot.   Yea, momma, it’s lots of violence in here, the slightest thing can blow up..I wish, I would have listened and learn reading and writing.  None of that boy, you in here now so think about getting out.  There are no jobs out there…just don’t give up son.  Don’t die alive in prison.  I’m praying every day momma, every day.

The Invisible Dragon


A Dangerous “New Normal” in College Debt

student-debtA common mentality among high school seniors is this: “If all my friends are going into extreme debt to pay for college, then it must be okay.” You are wrong. As columnist Charles Blow points out, “Our national educational aspirations and the debt crisis that they’re creating are colliding. We are on an unsustainable track. This will not end well.”


Read here: A Dangerous “New Normal” in College Debt (via NY Times)









Stop Chasing What’ If’s…

Tao Te Ching Verse 12

Robert A. Williams’ Translation

The person whom constantly responds to the physical world lives in a state of flux…swinging to and fro…they are unsteady ships on bumpy sea waters, not solid, undependable.  The Sage understands balance and remain grounded in eternal Tao…she lives in the physical world but above in spirit.  She lives firm, remaining dependent in harvest and drought, not concerned with supplies…she plants seeds of eternity…As she knows, the Tao provides in life and death.

The physical world offers much in such a short time.  Not surprisingly for some the tantalizing lures of riches and domination becomes too much.  We leap.  Unbeknownst however one’s consciousness will now become trapped in the thoughtless thinking of “What if?”

I have nothing else to say…

The Invisible Dragon

Don’t Fight Life Today

Tao te ching verse 55 (Stephen Mitchell’s translation)

The master’s power is like this.

she lets all things come and go

effortlessly, without desire.

She never expects results;

thus she is never disappointed.

she is never disappointed

thus her spirit never grow old


I have made great strides in allowing things to be, nevertheless, I was a sick puppy at one time.  In my youth (i.e., yesterday) large parcel of my consciousness housed thoughts of control.  I was absorbed with force, accepting reality was not an option; there was always something I could do about it.  I thought F&#K going with the flow.  I am the damn flow!  Needless to say, I fought many needless battles with this jaded contraction of awareness.  You silly, silly man!

I’m not saying going with the flow didn’t work for me, on the contrary, it worked when my needs were met.  But recently, (i.e., yesterday) I’ve tried and with a bit of success to accept all manners of realities.  I’m driven by my deceased mother’s mantra, “You can get down any way you like; I do not give a damn.”  In other words, you can fight life if you like, but I’m not getting in the ring with you; I may just referee.

Learning to live in the moment (i.e., today) is the only blessing one should desire.  As a result, if you accept that and oxygen, you’ll not become unhinged at the first sign of trouble.  You’ll realize hopefully and quite quickly, no matter the circumstances,  you will not reshape the outcomes.  Just remember, how much time we have spent (i.e., today) attempting this flawed premise.  Here’s a nudge, mimic the animals and plants, they never squabble about their circumstances.  They instinctively have gathered, ‘It is what it is’.

The Invisible Dragon 

Cal State campuses overwhelmed by remedial needs

By Matt Krupnick

Posted: 12/11/2011 04:33:25 PM PST
Updated: 12/12/2011 04:58:59 AM PST

Wracked with frustration over the state’s legions of unprepared high school graduates, the California State University system next summer will force freshmen with remedial needs to brush up on math or English before arriving on campus.  But many professors at the 23-campus university, which has spent the past 13 years dismissing students who fail remedial classes, doubt the Early Start program will do much to help students unable to handle college math or English.

“I’m not at all optimistic that it’s going to help,” said Sally Murphy, a communications professor who directs general education at Cal State East Bay, where 73 percent of this year’s freshmen were not ready for college math. Nearly 60 percent were not prepared for college English.

“A 15-hour intervention is just not enough intervention when it comes to skills that should have been developed over 12 years,” Murphy said.

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