Tao 44: The Imitation of Life


Fame or integrity: which is more important?

Money or happiness: which is more valuable?

Success or failure: which is more destructive?


If you look to others for fulfillment,

you will never truly be fulfilled.

If your happiness depends on money,

you will never be happy with yourself.


Be content with what you have;

rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking,

the whole world belongs to you.

Translation Stephen Mitchell

“The Way has no beginning and ending and thus it provides everything and yet nothing.

I had a conversation with a Sage yesterday, although a Christian Sage, an astute individual nonetheless. The conversation invited an overview of the suffused melodies the pen has put forth on Taoism. Although a master of the sword (i.e. pen), I am just an infant to the Tao. Therefore, the Tao support neither the winner or loser, it does not recognize the failure or a success. The Way does not recognize ceremonial piousness or devotions provided to the altar. This is folly…The Tao is endless with no beginning, nothing more or less.

One who needs a mirror sees an imitation of life.”

The Invisible Dragon


Rep. Jesse Jackson Was Wrong to Hide Mental Illness


xlargeThe absence of Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., from congress since May is causing quite a stir among his constituents, democrats, and republicans. It has now been revealed that the Illinois Congressmen is hospitalized for a mood disorder. If true, Jesse Jackson Jr. missed a great opportunity to help black males’ education on mental illness, specifically depression. In fact, it is safe to say, his actions have helped maintain the impenetrable stigma of mental illness. By the same token, depression is slowly decimated Black males and our time is running out to raise awareness.

According to the Office of the Surgeon General, depression is likely a key factor in a 233 percent increase in suicide in African-Americans males aged 10-14 from 1980 to 1995. Suicide was also the third leading cause of death for African-Americans in 2003. A serious weakness with most young African-American males is their lack of health insurance unlike Representative’s Jackson. As a result, uninsured young Black males overrun emergency rooms as their lives become unhinged and unmanageable. Like an unmanned freight train these young men wreak havoc in our communities from murder to total anarchy and our communities are under siege daily. Depression may not be the sole factor but I theorize it’s a contributing factor.

Ø 54% of people believe depression is a personal weakness.

Ø 41% of depressed women are too embarrassed to seek help.

Ø 80% of depressed people are not currently having any treatment.

Ø 92% of depressed African-American males do not seek treatment.

Ø 15% of depressed people will commit suicide.

Ø Depression will be the second largest killer after heart disease by 2020 — and studies show depression is a contributory factor to fatal coronary disease.

Unfortunately, one of the limitations of the Black communities is to maintain the public secrets (i.e., AIDS, under education, fatherless homes). In other words, we do not openly talk about what everyone else can plainly see. Like Ostrich, we sink our heads in the proverbial sands of denial and stigmatization. We whisper our pray that it will go away. Sadly, our Christmas stocking provides only a lump of coal for our passive actions. Yet, we pray, but not for an awareness campaign on mental illness but for a better deceptive instrument.

In the interim, this brings me back to Representative Jackson; above all, he has unwillingly contributed to the stigma of mental illness. For the most part, young Black men need information on mental illness, unlimited stockpiles of literature on the disease. Black males need education on depression symptoms and treatment options. The Black community needs to stop hiding what’s in plain sight. Sadly, Jesse Jackson Jr., wasted an opportunity to provide knowledge and wisdom to brothers. On the contrary, his maneuver help continue to fuel that mental illness is to be kept from the public’s view. It is safe to say he has an aborted education on mental illness.

Many African American males are suffering from mental illness in silence. They hide in our communities in open public staggering from one episode to the next. Daily they walk by us dazed and confused beautiful souls screaming for external intervention. Yet our piousness display the frozen no vacancy sign to our brothers. At the same time, their intoxication brought on by depression has them locked inside a vault filled with only hopelessness.

In essence, we must bring these brothers the combination to their incarcerated consciousness. The silence on Black men and depression must be shattered once and for all. In brief, we must hold everyone feet to the fire to speak out about depression in the Black community…we must educate them. This means Jesse Jackson Jr., also, he needs an education on mental illness, along with treatment. My hopes are for a speedy recovery for him and his family.

The Invisible Dragon


Stop Chasing What’ If’s…

Tao Te Ching Verse 12

Robert A. Williams’ Translation

The person whom constantly responds to the physical world lives in a state of flux…swinging to and fro…they are unsteady ships on bumpy sea waters, not solid, undependable.  The Sage understands balance and remain grounded in eternal Tao…she lives in the physical world but above in spirit.  She lives firm, remaining dependent in harvest and drought, not concerned with supplies…she plants seeds of eternity…As she knows, the Tao provides in life and death.

The physical world offers much in such a short time.  Not surprisingly for some the tantalizing lures of riches and domination becomes too much.  We leap.  Unbeknownst however one’s consciousness will now become trapped in the thoughtless thinking of “What if?”

I have nothing else to say…

The Invisible Dragon

Males believe discussing problems is a waste of time

ScienceDaily (Aug. 22, 2011) — A new University of Missouri study finds that boys feel that discussing problems is a waste of time.”For years, popular psychologists have insisted that boys and men would like to talk about their problems but are held back by fears of embarrassment or appearing weak,” said Amanda J. Rose, associate professor of psychological sciences in the MU College of Arts and Science. “However, when we asked young people how talking about their problems would make them feel, boys didn’t express angst or distress about discussing problems any more than girls. Instead, boys’ responses suggest that they just don’t see talking about problems to be a particularly useful activity.”

Read Complete Story: Here

Taoism & Higher Learning

TaoismI dislike higher learning, yes at this present moment, it’s unsettling. Higher education is an organization for academic achievement of advanced thought through research. It also is an environment where all meaningful thinking originated with humans, specifically White men. This essay is not about race but the (perceived) disconnection from Taoism by the author.  I have become the unconscionable ringmaster of a circus.

The pattern of higher learning is not complex, “smart individuals theorized propositions and as a result of their scientific examination results you must listen to them”. More important, opinions are not valid and only receive legitimacy if past scholars or research are acknowledged. As such, higher learning does not nurture creativity or ‘outside the box’ thinking however strict obedience to the scientific method and notable scholars are prerequisites.

For instance, neither Socrates nor the Greeks are the founders of philosophy and higher thought. Sadly, this premise begin an academic career in adult education.

Run Boy!!!

This is one disconnect as there are others, higher education is as systematically dysfunctional as secondary schools. Paulo Freire speaks about the ‘banking model’ where learning institutions educate peasants to accept the social order; this is a norm in higher education classrooms. Adult learning is restricted by 16 weeks; time not learning dictates the cemented curriculum.

In truth, syllables in research (NIU) universities where professors combat to become leaders in their fields or tenured are cemented with identical talking points yearly. Knowledge it seems is stagnant in all social contexts. As a result, adult learners receive an educational template to help fill corporate payrolls that sadly no longer exist. Worse, the author abandoned Tao to hopefully relish and prospers in this pseudo existence.


“Truth is a necessity if you’re ever going

to live in harmony with spirit

and become a source of inspiration for the people

you encounter.” Dr. Wayne Dwyer



Yes, the Dragon walked away in theory unaware that without ‘The Way’ you spin in circles. At any rate, college became an empty dwelling only useful in as too retrieve rote memorization for test results. Also, social contacts are because of fear and superficial expectations of the writer became fuzzy. However this is not an indictment on individuals (i.e., professors, administrators, students) the author count as friends. In brief, this summary exists only because of the author’s thoughts of the unknown.

The college classroom, writing papers, or speaking at conferences does not resemble dreams of peace and tranquility for me. On the contrary, I love to coach, teach, and live Tao. I love to awake to ambient music as early as 4.30AM, read, and remain still for eternity. The Dragon crave to work for individuals that exhume his passion: male adolescents and adult readers. Nevertheless, the most important trait I possess is that of awareness and as a result, I do not want to waste time.

Working for the Tao is effortless because time does not exist.


The Invisible Dragon