A Dangerous “New Normal” in College Debt

student-debtA common mentality among high school seniors is this: “If all my friends are going into extreme debt to pay for college, then it must be okay.” You are wrong. As columnist Charles Blow points out, “Our national educational aspirations and the debt crisis that they’re creating are colliding. We are on an unsustainable track. This will not end well.”


Read here: A Dangerous “New Normal” in College Debt (via NY Times)









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The Dragon’s Daily Fireball

How to Save your life.

“To help one transform their consciousness, you must possess steadfast love and sympathy and a deep level of wisdom. To do this, first surrender everything you have learned, and then, walk quietly, with humility allowing your unspoken tranquility to be their light.”

“The Sin Remover”


“Do you feel anything? Nothing. Absolutely, Nothing!”

The Invisible Dragon, replying to a television evangelists.


Refresh the Spirit

Wash sin away with the water I was told. Several friends swear by the practice steadfastly insisting water removes the horrors of misdeeds. I got wet. A low audible mystic mantra a friend persisted wash away all dreadful transgressions. After several mind-numbing minutes, I forgot why I was mumbling, and in addition, the incoherent jargon frightened me.

Close your eyes and listen to the heart on a city park bench and sin vanish. After filling out the police report of my mugging, I tossed the practice. Read the Koran and Allah will take away sin, I received a full-cavity body search while flying to Cleveland. I am positive the airport official had a wedding ring on before he…oh God! I shudder to imagine where his ring..Agggh!


Sin No more!

Stop eating pork! There rest your trouble your filthy diet! I like goat. Can I eat goat? Yes what a foolish question my friend shouts back. God cleanse all things except pig. Trust me on this, it is complicated, God and pig have issues.251077_a18b

Give away all your position and live in a tent in the middle of the desert and follow us another friend requested. The first night several people became really ill after drinking some punch, so I called home for a plane ticket, another body search, ouch!


What are Friends for?

I have friends who suggest sin remedies. Over the years I tested some and contested others, all the while seeking “the fix it” to my soul. ‘

There remain more friends and sin remedies; the search for total sin annihilation my noble cause. Out there somewhere, a cure, I travel the world over looking for the elusive spell.

“The Sin Remover.”


Disclaimer: This story absolute humor, it is not intended to make light of anyone’s religion. Just a short, comical, and insightful look inside the universe.


The Invisible Dragon