Break Free From Bad Habits in Five Minutes

9890485_2adc721dbd What holds us back from actualizing full potentials? How often while staring in the mirror, we pray a new us jump from the reflection? Some go through life in an robotic-like state of awareness. Mindlessness, they repeat life’s routines as cast off actors in a Broadway play. Regardless of their circumstances, the identical frame of mind wears the mask.

Unable to find our niche, often we form self-defeating habits to disguise our frustrations. For instance, approaching new opportunities become a moment of intimidation and anxiety. Stuck in ‘old ways’ we rebuff ventures that may explore new methods, as a result, we harshly denounce these prospects as dead-end and not worth our time. Have you not heard this before, “I have done it this way since I was born, why change now”

Transforming self from wretched habits takes a lot of courage and resiliency. Another camouflage to sticking with old habits is to put it on “God.” Countless individuals utilize their relationship with God to maintain negative habits. Often, even refusing help is reduced down to an acceptable actions supported by God. How many know individuals who quote scriptures to stay faithful but not get their hands dirty?460873307_f819cb812c

Our habits driven by ego rip away our spiritual worthiness. Expectably, we go through the motions, hoping not to get hurt as life passes us by. That is no way to live. Take a more serious inventory of your life and view your negative habits. Regardless if you profit from them, it is important to be truthful with yourself. Otherwise, you will succumb to your empty spirit eventually in a moment of crisis.

Stop These Bad habits and Feel New Again
(1) You do not have to be right

Allow others to have their point of view and accept it. Believing we must be right in all discussions is a visible sign of an empty and ‘stuck’ spirit.

(2) See yourself in everybody, and everybody in you

If you see only dissimilarities, it is easy to subscribe to an encyclopedia of judgment and condemnations. One came not walk down the street without whispering behavioral critiques. Ask yourself, how many people are sitting in a crowded bus terminal?

(3) Lose the Multiple Identities

You are not what you do, have accomplished, membership in organizations or a job titles. Because of multiple identities, we create defense mechanisms to defend out temporary specialness. Find yourself without the camouflage.

(4) All Attachments are Self-Defeating

What you are attached to will be your undoing. All add-on that you view as life saving will eventually diminish and perish (i.e., husbands, wives, children). There cannot be attachments in a spirit who needs nothing.

(5) You will not win the ‘Rat Race’

The coming and going of your busy life will drive you crazy. Slow down and wait quietly as you select from life’s rainbow. Stop believing you control anything externally, you do not, and it is an illusion. Running in place is an act of insanity.

The Invisible Dragon


Christian Women, A Quick Method to Live without Fear

848531146_0231211e47 “You created the world. It resembles all your thoughts and imaginations. As such, however, when the body and mind expires, so will the illusions. Although, your eternal spirit had no beginning or end, yet you lived in death.”

The Invisible Dragon

Thou Shalt Not Fear


When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy sleep shall be sweet. Proverbs 3:24. A noticeable sign of a fearful spirit we may conclude is restlessness. Why does one wearing the breastplate of God tremble? With God fulfilling all needs, some consistently desire more security.

Christian women face a daunting task, i.e., employment inequalities, parenting in a rapidly changing secular world, husband-less or living with the replication of a Christian man. How does one profess faith but can’t sleep at night?  In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee. Isaiah 54:14

To experience fully the Christian faith, we must change the lens on how you view people. Yes, stop 369774668_baaefa6503judging the world and its occupants. For instance, do we know individuals who relentlessly comment on circumstances, relationships, and behaviors?

In private or public dialogue, these self-professed saints know what is right: all the time. This vigil however, does not bring calmness to their spirit.  On the contrary, the fear of losing control of individuals and situations hinders their faith.

God or Fear? Which will it be…


Not that I am implying that I was in any personal want, for I have learned how to be content (satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or disquieted) in whatever state I am, Philippians 4;10-11. To live without fear, stop seeing people in a negative light. When you judge others in this manner, you judged yourself in a similar fashion.  Consequently, you lose contact with God and you are wilderness bound.

For instance, we all know some individuals who are opinionated on everybody and everything. These fear-based individuals seek control over other’s behaviors. Sadly and unknowable, their desire to control is the premise of their fears.  Changing the consciousness is the only control one possess. Peace comes from a changed perspective.

“A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the bones” Proverbs 14:30. We know truth, yet some allow the carnal mind a place in their Godly awareness, as a result, they spoil the best intentions every time. Alternatively, one must find contentment in their walk with God. In other words, mind your own Godly business.

Finally, discontent is its own punishment some have said. “It is a sin that is its own parent. It arises not from the condition, but from the mind…as we find Paul contented in a prison, so Ahab discontent in a palace.” Matthew Henry


The Dragon smite the pebble appearing as a mountain.



Build a Christian Husband You Can be Proud of

137582239_5ee36f43bb_m “Among all born again Christians, which includes evangelicals, the divorce figure is 32 percent, which is statistically identical to the 33 percent figure among non-born again adults,” (“Study: Christian Divorce Rate Identical to National Average |,” n.d.).

Has the liberal stigma of divorce created a lethargic attitude among African American Christians? Would you believe Christians are more open to separation than “to death do us part?”  Marriage is tough enough, add employment, children, and a needy husband, well you get the picture. However, no one person has a more influential impact on a husband’s behavior than his wife.

Consequently, the Christian husband wants to satisfy his wife sometimes more than God. Sadly, his mistakes are manifested with a double edged-sword.  There’s an easy way to help your Christian husband grow his faith.  Below are 3 methods that will help you build your Christian husband, your marriage and his faith.  These strategies are as good as your belief in God.


3 Foolproof Strategies that build a Strong Christian husband


(1) Men at Work

Have you heard the old adage, “A family who prays together, stays together”? I contend, on the contrary, “A husband that works and lives his faith stays together with his family. Attending church, tithing and organizing church functions is not synonymous with a faithful existence. A wife must remind a husband he’s responsible for his walk. Challenge and encourage him to stand up and live a life that reflects his Christian beliefs, values, and attitudes.  In other words, help your husband to halt pretending pious actions and truthfully resurrect his faith.

(2) The Leader Among us?

Encourage your husband to realize the importance of matrimonial leadership. Although, man and 191539431_206b1daf45woman are equal, a strong Christian woman desires a well-built Christian man at her side. Consequently, a Christian husband must maintain strength in his faith, as well as his personal convictions.  In addition, help your husband develop his own Christian persona and God’s purpose for himself. Tell him to stand up on his own faith, not the one you or  others may desire.

(3) Spiritual Equilibrium

While one grows, a wife’s nurturing must be positive. No worthwhile man was composed from absolute negativity. The Christian wife,  must walk her talk also.

Love is not blind; some wives see husbands’ shortcomings a mile away.  Predictably, however, this may create a judgmental spirit.  We realize, the Christian marriage is not only dependent on the well-built husband, but also, a positive reinforcing well-built wife.

For that reason, be careful Christian wives, that love bitterly soaked in anger creates a toxic environment. Ultimately, however, the husband must find his faith strut; nevertheless, the wife came be his  walking cane or the crack in the sidewalk. In other words, encourage his Godly intentions until ‘death do you part’.

The Dragon blows his smoke from all heavens.



Don’t Wait on a Blessing.

450298_3da6Get rid of the notion that your blessing is on the way.  Time does not exist in our supreme state. Waiting on a blessing may become spiritual oppression. Therefore, the awaken person realize, they are the blessing they seek.

To advance in the stages of spiritual development, one must believe in their eternal existence. After all, what would a perfect being wish? All desires are fantasies of the unaware spirit. Without question, the journey to the inner-self is the purpose, not collection of temporary items or egotistical satisfaction.

Stop Chasing Illusions


Accordingly, the mind’s obsession creates the thirst of chronic non-satisfaction. This thought process, fuels the ideal that God must provide more. Some become obsessed with the ideal of acquisitions. May I suggest, after all, what do we really desire? The first sign one has adopted the world is the fear of “it’s not enough.”

Regrettably, in man’s concept, God provides with conditions. Some receive things, some do not, fatefully this flawed perception fuels ego, covertness, and greed. When one believes there may not be enough, it stands to reason; they may only look out for number one. Sadly, this spirit is bind to the temporary world and may seek self-gratification in all their endeavors.133593889_ef409b37e0

Walk Your Path


To release oneself from this regrettable concept, the conscious being must detach from idealism. From the boondocks, where one chase daily unrealistic quests for fulfillment. This is the first step.

The mind-body exist only in a temporary state, it will decease to exist one day. For this reason, the destruction of identification with it must occur.

You are not your mind-body; unequivocally, we are more than muscle and bone. Furthermore, the journey to self-awareness naturally destroys the mind-body identification. As one goes inward, outward concepts begin to dissipate, the voyage slowly strips idiocy. Awaken from the bondage of fear, we establish a steady and concrete realization of our true nature.

What we formerly desired and chased, (e.g., recognition, control, acquisition, greed) become distant illusions. Surprisingly, the journey becomes the goal.  This solitary flight outside the flesh is the miracle. Which makes you the blessing.


The Invisible Dragon


Born-Again is a concept of the mind.

How could beginningless and endless be born?


As long as you prescribe to the notion, that only words and

ideology explain existence, you will remain unaware.

Instead of being the eternal being, witness to all creations;

you are self-exiled in the temporary mind.


To inquire about your true self

abandon all mental concepts.

Yet, to actualize the supreme state,

even faith in God must be abandon.

All attachments construct barriers to Self-Realization.


You are the Supreme Being: you are just unaware.


The Invisible Dragon