Pastor Rick Warren, Misses the Mark

I came across this article online at,“Church most powerful weapon against HIV/AIDS, “describing Rev. Rick Warren intervention efforts against HIV/AIDS in Africa.  Unfortunately, I do not know much about him other than he’s the founder and pastor at Saddleback Church and he wrote The Purpose Driven Life as the article points out.  I have however seen him on national news programs but rarely gave him an audience longer than a few seconds.  Disclaimer: (I am skeptical of him and his cohorts.)

HIV/AIDS affect millions globally and Warren’s crusade to combat the disease is chronicled with his interventions efforts (e.g., HIV testing, Christian volunteers, stewardship) in the article.  Pastor Rick Warren, I contend is a Christian believer of non-marital sex and disproves of the usage of condoms.  Albeit an important defense to HIV infections (Condoms) is not promoted anywhere in the article: This is not an oversight by Pastor Warren.

Rick Warren’s efforts are highly susceptible to his religious beliefs and those sentiments are not all covered in this essay.  I question one who does not mention condoms as a defense against the HIV/AIDS infection.  Blacks globally are overrepresented in AIDS infection and one easily becomes mislead by these covert operations.  The article provides what appears as a noble cause, (I doubt it); Rick Warren is not qualified to help the HIV/AIDS epidemic if condoms are off the table.  His efforts are paramount to telling people not to use smoke detectors and provide intervention efforts after their homes have burned down.  He is driven in the wrong direction.

Condoms can help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS infections.  This is not new to Warren but premarital sex goes against his faith and this trumps reason, facts, or common sense.  The African American’s church community serves a similar public doctrine as Warren.  Nevertheless, their congregations are saturated with LGBT parishioners as well as pastors, deacons, and first ladies are Gay and Lesbians.  Nevertheless, the charade in the Black community about their highly intolerance of LGBT life styles is laughable.  In other words, they choose like Warren to imagine premarital sex does not occur by church members.  Really, have you checked the never married single mother’s rates attending Black churches?

If condoms can help prevent HIV/AIDS infections, why would any reasonable person not recommend them?  Oh, I forgot pastors like Warren are allergic to reason and common sense.  What a pity?

The Invisible Dragon

Young Black Males & Prison Incarceration

black boy in prison

According to Boothe (2007), African American male children have little chance of succeeding in life. For example, the chances of an African American male becoming:

an NFL player is 1 in 1,250

an NBA player is 1 in 4,600

a Ph.D. in engineering, mathematics, or the physical sciences is 1 in 2,000

a doctor is 1 in 548

a lawyer is 1 in 195

a teacher is 1 in 53

On the other hand, the same African-American boy probability for prison incarceration is 1 in 13 before dying; they have a 1 in 3 chance of being a felon; a 1 in 7 chance of never graduating from high school; a 1 in 6 chance of graduating from college; and a 50:50 chance of becoming a drug abuser…

Black boy adolescents are 46 times more likely to be sent to a juvenile detention facility than Caucasian adolescents.

The dismal picture of African-American boys seems lost or at least not important enough for a social movement. The author feels that the acceptance of Black boys being an endangered species influence indifference by society and the Black community.

As always, countless Black pontificates fill national news shows articulating black boys’ demise, however, the announcements of a social movement remains a moot point. When will the Black community stop the generational destruction of Black boys?

Subsequently, we watch in calmness as they drop out of school and join the ‘Prison Armed Forces.’ Sadly, being locked up has become dramatized with MSNBC running countless loops of prison life. The show as well as others like it seems to say incarceration isn’t all that bad, YIKES!!! Black boys are in a bad way in America, unschooled, truant, and a valuable commodity to the private prison industry.

In short, the Black church as usual is incapable of enacting any real transformation in the hood. Preachers and pastors run the game of ‘faith & hope’ to Black mothers whose boys are locked away on extensive bits in prisons across the nation. Where are the social programs to address the exodus of Black boys on the slave ships called ‘Mass Incarceration’?

The Invisible Dragon


Boothe, D. (2007). Why are so many black men in prison?: Full Surface Publishing.

Tracy Morgan and Black Homophobia

I applaud Tracy’s apology for his homophobic rant in a recent comedy skit.  I have long acknowledged my stiff opposition to all LGBT violent speech, discrimination, and physical assaults.  I love Tracy Morgan’s comedy and will not stop watching him on my favorite TV show, “30 Rock” or a HBO’s comedy special.  However, I also congratulate Tina Fey, whom did a wonderful job in condemning his routine and denouncing such garbage.  Mr. Morgan used a total lack of judgment in light of recent young people committed suicide because of their sexual orientation.

Again, his skit was insensitive, hurtful, and dangerous to young ppl facing constant violence from homophobic individuals.  Hate speech and violence against LBGT individuals cannot be tolerated: regardless of person/s or forum used for it; Homophobia language demonstrates a lack of education from its speaker.

This brings up an entry point concerning the Black community and its high moral stance against homosexuality.   Nearly, 94% of African-Americans claim an affiliation with religion, specifically Christianity.  Through research and general knowledge the Black community’s position toward the LBGT community is well-known and a point of emphasis in the Black church.  NO GAYS ALLOWED!!!  This consensus is laughable if it wasn’t so miserable.

The Black community, who screams for constant equality and social acceptance find themselves the most homophobic group in America.  Who the hell cut off the lights?Despite chronic urban violence, high homicide rate, mass incarceration, massive illiteracy, high unemployment, and lingering health issues…(I would run out of strength in my fingers to continue our national forecast).  Yet, homosexuality, we find defective and deserving of our wrath and must be condemned in all spaces. (again, who cut off the lights?)

I am not a religious person, nevertheless I sought its membership in the past on a few occasion.  (Thankfully, I failed)  Religion, like politics creates strange bedfellows.  I have come to realize pious individuals find it assessable to manipulate their religious oath to suit their vices. In other words, it’s only a sin when others do it, surprisingly, the same (pious) person will shout to the mountain top about homosexuality.  It is a facade, albeit, a clever transparent smoke screen,…


Black people are members of the LGBT community and frankly, listening to my gay and lesbian friends more than one imagine.  However, robotic mannequins preaching God’s wrath against the devil’s army believes theirs souls are different.  BullS—T!  Black Christians and non-Christians are more similar than opposites in my experiences.   For instance, both groups lie, steal, cheat, commit adultery, and ask God for forgiveness, and on the other hand both accomplish good deeds.  In fact, there exists no proof that a pious person will obey their religious mantra faithfully: Not even the fear of God will hold some back from their hidden vices.  However, Homosexuality is not a vice, it is two humans sharing a relationship and hopefully a loving one.

In closing, Blacks lead the country in HIV/AIDS new infections, our young people are dying, yet we bury our heads in the proverbial sand called ‘religion.’  I do not know if Tracy Morgan is a religious individual, this is not about his faith, but about Black America’s hypocrisy.  I did not have to forgive Tracy, we say dump things at times, I am one who does it more more than once.  Nevertheless, Blacks need to clean up the religious rhetoric concerning homosexuality, you’re not fooling anyone.  Cut the lights back on, please, I beg God.

The Invisible Dragon

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

3 Tactics to Help Depressed Men Now

Disclaimer: The Dragon’s depressive musings are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment suggestions. The medical information provided on Depression cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional (for instance, a qualified doctor/physician/psychotherapist).


depression(22)Psychotherapy and anti-depressive medication eventually cured my 20-year struggle with depression. Nevertheless, not gently, I fought tooth and nails against diagnosis and treatment. In 2005 however my unmanageable life slapped me in the face, it hurt really bad; I sought help. Women seek treatment for depression double the rate than men. However many men will go undiagnosed and untreated for years until their lives result into a wreck. How to help men acknowledge depression is an important step in subsequent diagnosis and treatment.

Depression is treatable with a success rate of 60-80%.


(1) Education

Depressed men should seek medical attention. Consequently intervention strategies that encourage men to face their mental illness is vital. Mental disorders’ conversations in America have become vogue in the last decade. Myths and stereotypes aside education remains a vital intercession component.  Hence relative knowledge insures evidence-based strategies are used to help men seek and receive proper medical attention.  Professional health intervention, especially cognitive behavioral therapy are proven treatment strategies for depression.  An educated person on the issue of mental disease and scientifically based treatment options increase the chances their partners will seek treatment.


(2) Compassionmental-health

Depression affects brain, body, and mood. Substance abuse, addiction, and excessive working are some symptoms associated with depression. However these indications are not simply character flaws but proverbial cries for help. Depressed men articulate their pains in these debilitating devices and others.

Mental illness can mutes voices and alters common sense.  As a result, the bottle, hypersexuality activities, gambling, or risky behaviors speaks. These behaviors are “screams for intervention” and not pleasurable activities undertaken some would believe.  In fact, depressed men experience intense pain after an episode of self-medication.

Happily, education also increases the empathy in understanding and caring for mentally ill men. Depression is a mental disease that affects the whole person. Care Holistically.


(3) Care for Self

Depressed men impacts all primary individuals involved their lives (e.g., wives, girlfriends, male partners, children). These men can cause partners extreme frustration at times. Fighting mental disease is an enormous battle. Nevertheless, supportive principals must maintain spiritual sobriety to increase their effectiveness.

First, maintain mental and physical health, this will keep spirits upbeat in down moments; do not neglect yourself. Second, join depressive support groups, others who are going through your situation best understand your predicament. Finally, normal lifestyle continuity is important, as much as possible stick to your normal routines. Empowering yourself is not selfish, it is intelligent.

As we know, depression has a 60-80% curable success rate with treatment.

Miles Davis

The Invisible Dragon