What is Spiritual Faith?

First, What Faith is Not


Faith is not relentless praying and meditating until wishes come true. **Faith is not the practice of good behavior with hopes of a better life here or after**Faith is not the practice of customs, traditions or rituals ** Faith is not precondition behaviors for rewards, faith is not tithes**faith is not hate or intolerance**faith is not God is “On our Side,” ** faith is not a pastor, minister, pope, bishop, palm reader or fortune teller ** faith is not specific behaviors practiced on certain days ** faith is not men-only to being preachers ** faith is not believing all who disagree with your faith should burn in hell ** faith is not heterosexual nor homosexual preference ** faith is not race, creed or color ** faith is not religious clothing ** faith is not chants, mantras, or The Lord’s pray ** Faith is not the Bible, Koran, or any other book, who claims it’s a book of faith ** Faith is not being right ** faith is not a great spiritual orator ** faith is not a mega-church or a small cozy one ** faith is not an act of miracles ** faith is not the Virgin Mary ** a picture of a crying Jesus ** or a bright light witnessed in near death situations ** Faith is not things working out for you ** faith is not converting followers to your faith ** faith is not abstinence ** faith is not abstaining from pre-martial sex, alcohol, booze or drugs, ** and faith is not the sole ownership of those who believes their faith is stronger than others.

What is Faith?


Faith is nothing. Faith is thoughtless, faith is silence, faith is stillness, faith is inner-spirit, faith is self-harmony, faith is non-judgmental, faith is egoless, faith is love of all and abandonment of none, faith is guiding one’s own life, faith is change, faith is spiritual balance, faith is self-discovery, faith is self-honesty, faith is patience, faith is self-awareness, faith is desire-less, faith is non-expectations, faith is inner-growth, faith is inclusion…Faith is saying, I’m sorry…Faith is accepting I’m sorry…Faith is forgiveness…Faith is love… Faith is blind….


Robert Williams

Day 1, The Black Box

30 Day Fast. (Be Content)

A exploration of spiritual stillness, 30 day fast of reading, studying and practicing the 26th verse of Tao Te Ching. (Living Calmly) The month long spiritual exercise in accepting and being gracious for what lies ahead. Being a avid hack writer, I’ll post 30 days consecutively, thoughts on “Being Content.” Poems, exercises, take-home assignments, etc.



Day 1

The Black Box

A calm mind has no chaos.  Our mind has a Black Box, yes one similar to the aviation device equipped on aircrafts. The planes’ Black Box records all electronic. In the unfortunate case of a disaster, its recover and analysis it for clues.

Think of your mind, recording everything, it every seen, heard or acted on. Personal interactions, public and private conversations, private thoughts, dreams. Our mind’s Black Box holds DNA of the spirit, good or bad. The aviation’s Black Box has to be found and activated to retrieve information.


How the Mind works.

Our mind’s creates our illusions. The mind’s Black Box constantly records our shallow interpretations. We act without knowledge in this preconditioned mental state. Unstable and fearful, we precede through life with caution.

Life has been recorded with pain and so we see pain all around us. Each event molded to our psychosis, we see the world and its people as being uncertain. A selfish mind, creates a selfish world, your Black Box is running your life.

Interpreting a world as hostile you’ll only help if its convenience for you. Fearful that your resources will never be returned, you hoard everything of valve.

To “Be Content,” we must practice the art of contentment. Our true nature must interpret, our true nature is Love and Kindness.


Be Truthful and Forthcoming213562_554d

Know yourself, it makes it much easier to Love. When you truly know who you are, your world’s view will change.

What provoked fear and doubt, will now create opportunities of giving. Established in spirit, you understand the Tao can not be exhausted.

Take the day and monitor your “Black Box.” What is it recording? Who’s evil to you? How bad can your life get? Why can’t I forgive? The spirit to accept what lies ahead, comes from deep inner travel.

God gives what is given.

The Invisible Dragon