Depression and Gay Black Men, Silence in the Hood


Thanks, “K”. Karen silence as you mentioned generates more difficulty than intervention. The African-American’ culture represents a small unit within a larger paradigm pertaining to mental illness’ stigmatization. Unfortunately, inside America many groups face discrimination and alienation each day. (e.g., GLB, Person with Disabilities)

Conversely, untold numbers of mental illness suffering occur in darkness surrounded by whisper in African-American’ communities. Families ashamed a love one may require mental attention speak softly around the inevitable. Often only until the mentally ill family member becomes unmanageable will a break in secrecy occur. So, a trip to an improvised emergency room brings temporary relief; consequently, these trips occur often until a major eruption happens inside the family unit.

Black People suffer from Depression

Usually African-American lack funds for better healthcare and they routinely intake mentally ill family members through emergency rooms for services. However, these services are band aids and mentally ill family members often are unable to speak with a psychiatrist. It’s a vicious cycle, families keep it a secret and when conditions force medical attention, its handicapped by lack of quality health care.STAYLRG

African-Americans continue to mistrust mental health care in America for this reasons and others. A past systematic often racist and discriminatory process crippled the relationship between America ‘mental health care and African-Americans.   African-Americans mistreatment and categorization by mental health care soiled the perception of “Equal Health care” in African-American communities.

Mental Illness exists in the Black community and we need to break down barriers imposed internally and externally now. Preventative health measures have been shunned by outrageous denial, biblical causation and mis-education.  Also, the same silence is in affect concerning another killer;  HIV/AIDS and black men.

Black Men are Gay and its ok

Preventative health measures have been shunned by outrageous denial, biblical causation and mis-education.  Also, the same silence is in affect concerning another killer;  HIV/AIDS and black men.  In the case of homosexuality among black men, its denial has ravaged the community and particularly black women.


AIDS is the No. 1 cause of death for black women ages 25 to 44, beating out heart disease, cancer and homicide. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black women made up 67 percent of AIDS diagnoses among women in 2004 and of all women living with AIDS, 64 percent are estimated to be black. In one HIV study, 34 percent of black men who have sex with men reported having had sex with women, even though only 6 percent of black women reported having had sex with a bisexual man.

A recent study indicated some bleak statistics, “Half of gay men in Chicago who have HIV did not know they were infected, and two-thirds of infected black men were unaware,” “It’s a terrible thing, but it is not surprising,” says Jim Pickett, director of advocacy for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

Although the sample of men tested were only 600 a troubling paradigm is forming in the Black community.  Silence and denial does not work as a framework to a healthy community.  Our long refusal to accept homosexuality now reaches possible epidemic levels of infections among black men and women.

“Thirty percent of gay black men in Chicago tested positive, the study showed, while Hispanics and white men had rates of 12 percent and 11.3 percent, respectively…A quarter of blacks aged 18-24 tested positive. More than 37 percent of blacks aged 25-34 – the highest of any age group – tested positive, ” says Jim Pickett.

“What we think we’re seeing here is the shifting sands of two epidemics,” says Nik Prachand, an epidemiologist with the city of Chicago’s STI/HIV/AIDS division. “What we’re seeing right now is a new surge in (HIV cases) with black (gay men).”

Get our heads out the Sand

How long?  What response shall be called.  Homosexuality among black men can no longer be hidden, gay black men in the closet does more harm than good.  We must accept sexual preference before to late.  Our only hope to save a generation will be to accept their lifestyle, so we can talk to each other.  Heterosexuality and homosexuality are not different with AIDS, and must move forward and give freedom.  The same freedom we desired for our skin color.  We must educate ourselves and our community concerning HIV/AIDS.

Conversely, mental illness and HIV/AIDS refusal of cause and effect; and the systematic wiliness to cover ourselves with a transparent veil dismantle our culture. African-Americans must stop mis-education surrounding mental illness and HIV/AIDS. We must accept and begin education and social responsibility surrounding these two killers. Today.


The Invisible Dragon

Your Search for Happiness Creates your Sadness

311889219_7758a2b26f It is mistakenly understood; the proverbial quest for happiness appears pious. Thus millions seek this expression as virtuous as God’ understanding and compassionate. We yearn for this unsaid gift and scoff its escapable maneuvers from our clutches. Why is happiness so darn elusive? Mainly, because you are looking for it, in other words, you cannot see your nose because of your face.

Happiness is within, unknowable to some we were born with it, and unfortunately, this comprehension became severed by artificial substitutes of pleasure. Subsequently, the tons of external stimulants created the inability to just “Be’ in a state of happiness was lost. In fact, many believe happiness is manufactured as easily as a paper cup.

Control is an Illusion

For instance, some recite, “If only things could fall in line, my state of being would change.” Sorry to say, there exists nothing outside you that will ever provide you happiness. To be clear, not a husband, employment, educational accomplishments, crack, children, or material gains will create a spiritual state of happiness.

Sadly, when we chase happiness, we demonstrate signs of faithless individuals. One that has abandoned any beliefs in God, in fact, these persons are control junkies.  Not surprisingly, they talk big (Religiously, Spiritually) but are as frighten as a leaf. Without faith, their identities are infinite; they play roles of religious convictions, all the while praying at the altar of man. Do not be deceived, such individuals trust only in their control of situations and people. However, it is the illusion of “being in charge” that pains these individuals in their sleep and waking hours.images

“You are not in charge-you never have been, and you never will be”~Wayne Dyer.

Happiness Within

Happiness is a process of surrender. It says, “I AM.” Happiness does not quarrel with reality; it does not seek confirmation through artificial titles, accomplishments or acquisitions. These misguided spirits seeks happiness in “Person, Places or Things,” and ultimately never satisfied.

Hence, a problem is constantly in the way of happiness, (i.e., relationships, employment issues, and people’s ineptness) if only people would listen to me, they recite in anger. This is the sign of a child trapped in an adult egotistical mind.

The humility to release the ego that drives social comparison and control leads to inner discovery of reality. The reality that we were created with a state of happiness; as such we are connected to something unmolested by human’s intentions. As a result, our happiness is inside waiting for the acknowledgment that we are not in control, never was and never will be. Until then, all external happiness-seeking activities are a waste of tears and time.

The Invisible Dragon


Little Known Ways to Build Faith

1621836966_f4e258d6cc_m One wonders how to build faith, even-more so, how to maintain it. Our lives appear so complicated. Consequently, we often run from one fire to the next. Whether it is professional, personal or social, constant situations drive us batty at times. Unfortunately, we become easily unglued and scream, asking where is our relief.

A vital characteristic one could possess to me is faith. However, easier said than done. How does one build and maintain this invisible spiritual phenomenon? First, let us remind ourselves of its meaning; ‘faith’ is the ability to possess devotion in self or other entities (i.e., God, husbands, wives, traits, abilities). For instance, one may possess faith in the ability to complete an assignment. We however are discussing faith in God.

Acquiring and mastering faith is a difficult proposition. To accept God to guides one’s life is difficult, if we choose to be honest. Many issues often rattle us, if our boss wants to talk us, we nearly pass out, the school calls us about our children, fear overtakes us like a tsunami.  Subsequently, fear intimidates,  leaving us as empty peanut shells at a baseball game. Our faith at times is as a child, that’s if we choose to be honest.

3 Essentials to Faith Construction

1. Get out the Race

Give your worldly pursuits a rest. The more you desire, the less faithful you becomes and more fearful. When you run after things, you dismiss your trust in God. The faithful allows God to flow through them while maintaining balance.  They never chase.

2. Redefine Courage

You do not have to confront everyone about every issue. Being able to walk away is not cowardly or weak; on the contrary, it is the actualization of God. You do not always have to be right. Humility and forgiveness represents faith.

3. Voluntary Workouts (faith)

How many workout hairstyles, blackberries, or ‘The View’? We religiously follow superficial dimensions effortlessly. Fearful we may not be perceived as pretended, the front is on.  Give some things up. You may not know this, but, faith is giving, ‘when it is of inconvenience to us’.  Release fear and exercise faith by giving to you love it.  Thinking about others more than ourselves is faithful.

In other words, put our faith to the test. Let us demonstrate our devotion to God, instead of our pretentious orchestrated rehearsals. Let us prove what we  profess to love. If not, we continue with the game of ‘hide and seek’.  That’s if we choose to be honest.

The Invisible Dragon


Who Else Want to Slow Down

businesswoman - bad phone call Do you find yourself exhausted after your day? Do you believe the ‘not pain, no gain’ adage? Consume with destinations and plagued with goals; does life exist without notice. In a constant state of motion, you are never-resting, looking backward and forward for what is next. Unbeknownst for some, sadly, chasing ambitions can increase fatigue and threaten spirit and body.

Mindfulness is the art of staying present and innovative. To master stillness is not only spiritual but also healthy. “Be still, and know that I am God,” (Ps. 46:10) illustrates the divine mechanism, which regulate awareness. In other words, when mindful, one exists in the moment, unaffected by egotistical thinking and desires.

Subsequently, the self-centered mind however is always in pursuit. It never rest, even while sleep, it rumbles one awake, making one believe they forgot to do something. Others catch themselves talking aloud, and until they realize someone’s watching do we snap out of it. The hurried life is not worth living. You may get the shiny new adult toy but at what price. Stop chasing life, persist in faith, and allow God to flow through you.

Nevertheless, do not realize too late, the chase was an illusion…while you battle for your health.

The Invisible Dragon



Who Else Wants Nirvana?

390160577_e951cae02cBe soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall. Follow the stream, have faith in its course. It will go its own way, meandering here, trickling there. It will find the grooves, the cracks, the crevices. Just follow it. Never let it out of your sight. It will take you.”clip_image001[1] Sheng-yen


Go With The Flow

How to stay devoted to nothingness remains a daunting task. As Sheng-yen states, It will go its own way, meandering here, trickling there.” As humans, we sometimes expect linear paths to distinctions. However, unlike GPS instructions, spiritual journeys have no prepackaged information. It may resemble water with Buddha’ motionless concentration, nevertheless, only balance keeps one faithful.

We may not rush or alter its directions; this causes imbalance and spiritual irritation. Therefore, the all-knowing and its guidance must receive close examination by the seeker. Nevertheless, it does not require meditation, yoga or a guru for transformation. These and all other supplements provide only superficial add-ons. Inside one’s own spirit, everything one desires for the walk is provided.

Never rushing or manipulating its gift, one must enjoy the secrets it contains. However, do not allow it to get far away from you. As a result, stay steadfast in its devotion to lead one to mindfulness and awareness. Remember, it cannot be bottled or packaged in text. Likewise, it cannot be possess and used as power over others. Like water it flows everywhere, all who seek it, find it.

The Invisible Dragon