The Dreaded, Body-Mind Divorce

397738362_4c68cb9e61A marriage with the unseen remains dubious. The body-mind entity, a determine opponent seeks a permanent connection.

Sadly, the forces of unreasonable desires, unobtainable happiness, and chronic worry; believes it owns me.

I blame only myself. I conditioned the beast with chronic lies of, “I Am This,” and “I Am in Control,” dialogs. The marriages to these falsities, both sad and distressing, currently obstruct my egotistical divorce. After years of professed devotional commitment, ego refuses to permit my exit without a fight.


“I Want Out”

Spiritual freedom from an egotistical marriage comes at a lofty price. My true nature is a foreign invader that met furious resistance to become my new mate. Sadly, in the beginning, I fought aside my ego; believing its lies that began in my youth.

The attachment to self-identity began at an early age and quickly flooded my thinking. Our family, society, and world, all shouted! “Who Are You?” Who AM I, and how do I insure my position in this world. I soon attracted my flirting ego. My quest for self-identity propelled a insatiable appetite of unreachable desires.  Ego and I married soon after my tenth birthday.48162_4faf

My infectious marriage erected a house of illusions. For example, some of my ego’s illusionist magic, (1) desires just out of touch, (2) happiness always fleeting, or (3) need just one more break and everything will be fine.

The cheating ego produces only unresolved past issues and hopes of better future. It flooded my mind with unobtainable requests relentlessly.  Remarkably it turned around and provided the anger for my dissatisfaction.  Cheating Bastard!


“Leave the Keys on the Dresser”

Possessed by a cyclical unsatisfied mind I proceed through life a married malcontent.  I did not recognize my true nature.   I begin to disguise my beast, at my height of delusion people wondered about my sanity.  I exhibited constant anger and stress.

Family and friends questioned who would appear, pseudo-happy brooding breast or Mr. Unrecognizable. So many identities required countless disguises, I lived in a marriage of lies for years.

My divorce from the egotistical mind is hard-hitting and undecided. However, I experience new conscious experiences often, which boost my faith. A prescription for divorce from ego rest not in text or advice. No one can help you with this process.


“How to Start Over”

You must free yourself.  The person, whom said, “I Do” must challenge the ego marriage. External supplements possess no value.  Praying, meditating or yoga are clever egotistical props.  A egotistical trick, wrapped inside of God, a old stale trick to induce attachment to an external object.  “You Are What You Seek!”

Stay in your heart, change your consciousness and the divorce will occur. Your natural being, needs no instructions, you will find truth, when you look for it.


The Invisible Dragon

“The Sin Remover”


“Do you feel anything? Nothing. Absolutely, Nothing!”

The Invisible Dragon, replying to a television evangelists.


Refresh the Spirit

Wash sin away with the water I was told. Several friends swear by the practice steadfastly insisting water removes the horrors of misdeeds. I got wet. A low audible mystic mantra a friend persisted wash away all dreadful transgressions. After several mind-numbing minutes, I forgot why I was mumbling, and in addition, the incoherent jargon frightened me.

Close your eyes and listen to the heart on a city park bench and sin vanish. After filling out the police report of my mugging, I tossed the practice. Read the Koran and Allah will take away sin, I received a full-cavity body search while flying to Cleveland. I am positive the airport official had a wedding ring on before he…oh God! I shudder to imagine where his ring..Agggh!


Sin No more!

Stop eating pork! There rest your trouble your filthy diet! I like goat. Can I eat goat? Yes what a foolish question my friend shouts back. God cleanse all things except pig. Trust me on this, it is complicated, God and pig have issues.251077_a18b

Give away all your position and live in a tent in the middle of the desert and follow us another friend requested. The first night several people became really ill after drinking some punch, so I called home for a plane ticket, another body search, ouch!


What are Friends for?

I have friends who suggest sin remedies. Over the years I tested some and contested others, all the while seeking “the fix it” to my soul. ‘

There remain more friends and sin remedies; the search for total sin annihilation my noble cause. Out there somewhere, a cure, I travel the world over looking for the elusive spell.

“The Sin Remover.”


Disclaimer: This story absolute humor, it is not intended to make light of anyone’s religion. Just a short, comical, and insightful look inside the universe.


The Invisible Dragon

The Dragon’s Apology

30991_c62cI created a learning mistake. Normally I do not venture into mainstream conversations. I do not want to sound callous, but I do not care to view into the world of 10, 000 things.

There are millions of views published on the internet. Geniuses to illiterates can push a power button, open a word processor and write. (Like Me) I do not comment normally on people’s thought, I am content to comment on a few blog buddies posts on occasion only.


A Mind divided


The Invisible Dragon is my fortitude for spiritual restoration and divine living.  I do not use it to battle against anything.  I have no wars to fight.  The past couple of days I discovered myself as an antagonist to another individual’s views.

Unfortunately, those views became a topic on the Dragon, this was a mistake. I was prideful, arrogant, and a  malcontent in posting those feelings. I am not the keeper of man’s thoughts. I am an Invisible Dragon.


Thankfully, my Zen (Fuu) brother helped guide my spirit back to a higher consciousness. I will return to writing  from my consciousness only, it is peaceful, and it is stillness. The last couple of days were evil; I placed myself inside the evil, I was evil.

The Dragon does not care who you are Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu or Joe the Plumber. To fight someone is to fight one’s self. This is the way of a fool. The Invisible Dragon is not a fool.

I do not want to be engaged to man’s thoughts. It is not wise.


The Invisible Dragon

My Hidden Agenda, Ego

If you’re afraid of being grabbed by God, don’t look at a wall.

Definitely don’t sit still.

Jiyu Kennett (Essential Zen)




The last few days have produced an undeniable realization. This past week I had two conversations that I perceived as well-intended going in, unfortunately both blew up in my face. It would waste time to discuss particulars, however, each recipients declared my engagement as egotistical and pretentious. They were right.

What went wrong?

My motives were Ego-Driven.

The discussions clocked in my fears and uncertainties about my life provoked unkind remarks. The talks doomed from the beginning because, I was not aware of my ego’s intentions.

Irreconcilable Differences: Ego and Me


For years I was unable or unwilling to be transparent with myself. Although my body and spirit ache with pain I surged forward with blinders. To pause ,would be to admit spiritual helplessness and so I deliberately erected distractions to comfort that pain.

Most of my activities for nearly 25 years were counter-surveillance maneuvers against my 36166_9069 false perceptions. Ego strives on separation, it keeps our thoughts in two states, the past (pain) or future (desires).

When we communicate we are representing our consciousness. When I assessed those conversations I realized my ego presented a half-truth, paramount to a lie. Underneath my spirit, fears, doubts, and uncertainty  about my future. In the perverse realm of ego, “Let me help you” should have been, “Let me help myself.”

The Fear of the Unknown is not normal


The ego works from perceptions, perceptions are filtered through human senses. I perceived my wife and friend need my help.  However it was my personal fears desiring (ego) their help (attachment). I wanted help in controlling my future. My ego was driving me again, I lost faith.

Ego is (1) fear and doubt (2) lives in the past and (3) lust for the future. A higher consciousness is of (God) truth and ego of (Man). How do you know which one is at work? If transparent love and harmony exist, God; if pain exist ego.

I am humble and thankful to those who help guide me to inner peace. However, attachments are attributes of ego, I must them let go, (Family, and Friends) so I can secure my spirit of peace.

The Invisible Dragon

Day 10, Love or Fear

A exploration of spiritual stillness, 30 day fast of reading, studying and practicing the 26th verse of Tao Te Ching. (Living Calmly) The month long spiritual exercise in accepting and being gracious for what lies ahead.  Being a avid hack writer, I’ll post 30 days consecutively, thoughts on “Being Content.” Poems, exercises, take-home assignments, etc.


Day 10, Love or Fear

A uncontentious mind lives with constant fear. Catastrophic preludes running a steady undercurrent which stagnates all spiritual growth. The fearful subconscious becomes adrenaline which drives us to spiritual instability.

We fear everything, losing jobs, relationships, health, God’s favor, our pets. Perceived enemies bring out the best in us, (We think) we erect mythical creatures, to do battle against.

Fear becomes comfortable, a right of passage. Without fear who would we be?  Everyone a potential purveyor of our demise, our personal executioner.

Life has two emotions all decisions are based from; Love or Fear.

A brief inventory of self-perspective would reveal

Fear of…


children suffering


going broke



not being Loved








etc, etc, etc


If we are to still the mind, we must find a new why to think, to chose. Unfortunately the spirituality of fear was embedded in us by trusted tutors.

Parents, ministers, pastors, teachers, guardians spread fear as an acceptable behavioral control method. Fear doesn’t work, it fragments the mind, breaking it up in small patches. Only you can break away from this antiquated form of control.

The strongest notion of fear remains the acceptance, “We must fear God.” This is a notion from man, man recreated God in his image. One with hate, gives love under certain conditions, unfair judgment, and eternal damnation.

How can you love, and the God of Love has those characteristics. You must choose your path, a path of love or fear.

Discover your spirituality without the narration of others, I have no guide, but let your experience be your teacher.

A content mind is void of fear,