A Stranger Walking

Stranger in the night

Am I Back?

Yes I am but I was never gone.  you see I can never leave…I must finish what has begun.  What is that you say?  I’m not sure but I believe it has a hold on me…I believe my writing has become better beyond my imagination.   Although my words are simple from  a simple man…I write with some sort of flair….I would say.

Each day I stare beyond the clouds for hope.  What do you say?  Yes Hope, I’m not sure if its needed…but I look for it.  Sometimes its dark and menacing…but I’m not afraid.  I live in my reality and that can’t be that scary.  Or maybe it is…just suppose you find yourself along, waiting for the bus…but it never comes.  What is there left to do…?

Never mind the babble, I have a quest today.  What is it you say?  I think I’ll walk among the universe.  What shoes will I wear, I’m not sure.  But I think my blue or pink will be fine…my eyes will not leave the ground I walk upon….my head heavy with worry.  But this walk is my stroll crafted by my realities and dreams.

Am I back?  I never left.

The Invisible Dragon

Waiting for Steve,

The gray face painted with hostility,

arose like a mighty warrior from the chair

shouting for all who cared to listen about

his record of football triumph.

The golden boy, the next big thing,

a can’t miss, this was Steve.

I was waiting on him to arrive.


A brawling 6’3 inch specimen drooling words

only a senile gentleman recites to himself

in a dark room, staring at cheat reflections.

The irritated spectators sipped alcohol

numbing the sounds of a never was.

Old men can be argumentative at times.


Steve possessed nothing his feeble mind

garnished as factual history this night,

an old man of grandeur and meanness.

Spewing vulgarities mindlessly

about his youthful athletic invincibility.

He was stuck with anger, in a past time.

His lips soaked with a cheat lipstick

sprouting indecencies on passive listeners.

On this night, the crowd was not cheering.

The crowds never cheers forever.


“I Was Great!”  You Bitches and Hoes!

Sure you were, helpless guests mouth closing their

mental panic room’ doors.


I watched Steve that night thinking

very little.  I was not enamored by his mean wit

or profanity-filled tirades.  You see, he

was my friend in a self-chambered illusion.

So, I must join him in his party

as ill-conceived as it sounds.

Though I did not make excuses

for his behaviors, my face shaped

forgiveness for his tenure this night.

I was his friend and tears flowed inside.


How could I deny this beaten

old man his fake facts.

Although witnessing the moment, I wished they had occurred.

He needed them to be an asset again, a big shot.

I was waiting for him to acknowledge

he made his narratives up, but he did not.

Thus, I believed his imaginings along side him

for this night.

Steve was in a place that never existed

and he did not know it.

But, old men get stuck at times

and they need friends


I am Steve’s friend and I’ll wait on him.

I hope he’s all still here, when he comes back.


The Invisible Dragon

The Resurrection Approaches Tao 44

Fame or integrity: which is more important?

Money or happiness; which is more valuable?

Success or failure; which is more destructive?


If you look to others for fulfillment,

You will never truly be fulfilled.

If your happiness depends on money,

You will never be happy with your yourself.


Be content with what you have;

2012-10-20Outside with a friend2

Rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking,

The whole world belongs to you.

Stephen Mitchell’s Translation


I came across this Tao essay among my books, as if it could hide. I discovered the saying because at times I fade into illusions and become despondent. Indeed, it is highly likely that I fear uncertainties at times, because the world appears empty and without friends at those moments. Close friends are a margin, men specifically, I walk a lonely path vacant of male friends. Sadly, I did not have a position on a team.  Maybe its better that way, not to stay lonely however.  Thus, after a beautiful walk/jog, I sat on my small and rented cement porch and took a picture of my deceased friend, Kevin Staple.

The Invisible Dragon

Tracy Morgan and Black Homophobia

I applaud Tracy’s apology for his homophobic rant in a recent comedy skit.  I have long acknowledged my stiff opposition to all LGBT violent speech, discrimination, and physical assaults.  I love Tracy Morgan’s comedy and will not stop watching him on my favorite TV show, “30 Rock” or a HBO’s comedy special.  However, I also congratulate Tina Fey, whom did a wonderful job in condemning his routine and denouncing such garbage.  Mr. Morgan used a total lack of judgment in light of recent young people committed suicide because of their sexual orientation.

Again, his skit was insensitive, hurtful, and dangerous to young ppl facing constant violence from homophobic individuals.  Hate speech and violence against LBGT individuals cannot be tolerated: regardless of person/s or forum used for it; Homophobia language demonstrates a lack of education from its speaker.

This brings up an entry point concerning the Black community and its high moral stance against homosexuality.   Nearly, 94% of African-Americans claim an affiliation with religion, specifically Christianity.  Through research and general knowledge the Black community’s position toward the LBGT community is well-known and a point of emphasis in the Black church.  NO GAYS ALLOWED!!!  This consensus is laughable if it wasn’t so miserable.

The Black community, who screams for constant equality and social acceptance find themselves the most homophobic group in America.  Who the hell cut off the lights?Despite chronic urban violence, high homicide rate, mass incarceration, massive illiteracy, high unemployment, and lingering health issues…(I would run out of strength in my fingers to continue our national forecast).  Yet, homosexuality, we find defective and deserving of our wrath and must be condemned in all spaces. (again, who cut off the lights?)

I am not a religious person, nevertheless I sought its membership in the past on a few occasion.  (Thankfully, I failed)  Religion, like politics creates strange bedfellows.  I have come to realize pious individuals find it assessable to manipulate their religious oath to suit their vices. In other words, it’s only a sin when others do it, surprisingly, the same (pious) person will shout to the mountain top about homosexuality.  It is a facade, albeit, a clever transparent smoke screen,…


Black people are members of the LGBT community and frankly, listening to my gay and lesbian friends more than one imagine.  However, robotic mannequins preaching God’s wrath against the devil’s army believes theirs souls are different.  BullS—T!  Black Christians and non-Christians are more similar than opposites in my experiences.   For instance, both groups lie, steal, cheat, commit adultery, and ask God for forgiveness, and on the other hand both accomplish good deeds.  In fact, there exists no proof that a pious person will obey their religious mantra faithfully: Not even the fear of God will hold some back from their hidden vices.  However, Homosexuality is not a vice, it is two humans sharing a relationship and hopefully a loving one.

In closing, Blacks lead the country in HIV/AIDS new infections, our young people are dying, yet we bury our heads in the proverbial sand called ‘religion.’  I do not know if Tracy Morgan is a religious individual, this is not about his faith, but about Black America’s hypocrisy.  I did not have to forgive Tracy, we say dump things at times, I am one who does it more more than once.  Nevertheless, Blacks need to clean up the religious rhetoric concerning homosexuality, you’re not fooling anyone.  Cut the lights back on, please, I beg God.

The Invisible Dragon