Tracy Morgan and Black Homophobia

I applaud Tracy’s apology for his homophobic rant in a recent comedy skit.  I have long acknowledged my stiff opposition to all LGBT violent speech, discrimination, and physical assaults.  I love Tracy Morgan’s comedy and will not stop watching him on my favorite TV show, “30 Rock” or a HBO’s comedy special.  However, I also congratulate Tina Fey, whom did a wonderful job in condemning his routine and denouncing such garbage.  Mr. Morgan used a total lack of judgment in light of recent young people committed suicide because of their sexual orientation.

Again, his skit was insensitive, hurtful, and dangerous to young ppl facing constant violence from homophobic individuals.  Hate speech and violence against LBGT individuals cannot be tolerated: regardless of person/s or forum used for it; Homophobia language demonstrates a lack of education from its speaker.

This brings up an entry point concerning the Black community and its high moral stance against homosexuality.   Nearly, 94% of African-Americans claim an affiliation with religion, specifically Christianity.  Through research and general knowledge the Black community’s position toward the LBGT community is well-known and a point of emphasis in the Black church.  NO GAYS ALLOWED!!!  This consensus is laughable if it wasn’t so miserable.

The Black community, who screams for constant equality and social acceptance find themselves the most homophobic group in America.  Who the hell cut off the lights?Despite chronic urban violence, high homicide rate, mass incarceration, massive illiteracy, high unemployment, and lingering health issues…(I would run out of strength in my fingers to continue our national forecast).  Yet, homosexuality, we find defective and deserving of our wrath and must be condemned in all spaces. (again, who cut off the lights?)

I am not a religious person, nevertheless I sought its membership in the past on a few occasion.  (Thankfully, I failed)  Religion, like politics creates strange bedfellows.  I have come to realize pious individuals find it assessable to manipulate their religious oath to suit their vices. In other words, it’s only a sin when others do it, surprisingly, the same (pious) person will shout to the mountain top about homosexuality.  It is a facade, albeit, a clever transparent smoke screen,…


Black people are members of the LGBT community and frankly, listening to my gay and lesbian friends more than one imagine.  However, robotic mannequins preaching God’s wrath against the devil’s army believes theirs souls are different.  BullS—T!  Black Christians and non-Christians are more similar than opposites in my experiences.   For instance, both groups lie, steal, cheat, commit adultery, and ask God for forgiveness, and on the other hand both accomplish good deeds.  In fact, there exists no proof that a pious person will obey their religious mantra faithfully: Not even the fear of God will hold some back from their hidden vices.  However, Homosexuality is not a vice, it is two humans sharing a relationship and hopefully a loving one.

In closing, Blacks lead the country in HIV/AIDS new infections, our young people are dying, yet we bury our heads in the proverbial sand called ‘religion.’  I do not know if Tracy Morgan is a religious individual, this is not about his faith, but about Black America’s hypocrisy.  I did not have to forgive Tracy, we say dump things at times, I am one who does it more more than once.  Nevertheless, Blacks need to clean up the religious rhetoric concerning homosexuality, you’re not fooling anyone.  Cut the lights back on, please, I beg God.

The Invisible Dragon

The Dragon’s Apology

30991_c62cI created a learning mistake. Normally I do not venture into mainstream conversations. I do not want to sound callous, but I do not care to view into the world of 10, 000 things.

There are millions of views published on the internet. Geniuses to illiterates can push a power button, open a word processor and write. (Like Me) I do not comment normally on people’s thought, I am content to comment on a few blog buddies posts on occasion only.


A Mind divided


The Invisible Dragon is my fortitude for spiritual restoration and divine living.  I do not use it to battle against anything.  I have no wars to fight.  The past couple of days I discovered myself as an antagonist to another individual’s views.

Unfortunately, those views became a topic on the Dragon, this was a mistake. I was prideful, arrogant, and a  malcontent in posting those feelings. I am not the keeper of man’s thoughts. I am an Invisible Dragon.


Thankfully, my Zen (Fuu) brother helped guide my spirit back to a higher consciousness. I will return to writing  from my consciousness only, it is peaceful, and it is stillness. The last couple of days were evil; I placed myself inside the evil, I was evil.

The Dragon does not care who you are Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu or Joe the Plumber. To fight someone is to fight one’s self. This is the way of a fool. The Invisible Dragon is not a fool.

I do not want to be engaged to man’s thoughts. It is not wise.


The Invisible Dragon

Delusion of Love

home poem

rustled as a picture of tranquility

its scent of dried manure removes such hope

fields upon fields, subject less mirages

one found no pleasures in her plains


conceited, cocooned away

from the mighty Goliath; Chicago

empire of the North people

ruthless war mongers, murders, thieves

a metropolitan of despair


boasting of superior humbleness

people of DeKalb, feeds its majestic appetite

on empty wishes and hope

motivated by lifeless souls

a belly able to burst


a enemy has come from within

born of hate, a simmering hate

merciless, the dreaded beast

lay dormant in hearts

until summons by selfishness

conceit, pride, envy


as it devour without mercy

echos of the fallen ring out

we were so much better then

the people of the North

much better


–Robert Williams’

Delusion of Love

You cannot experience what you are unwilling to express.

You desire love and respect but unwilling to give yours without preconditions.

You ask for understanding yet judge and condemn unmercifully.

Your desire to control others propel your sadness, but you‘re unaware of your self-inflicted wounds.

Love has not seen your heart and neither has others.

Fear grips all explanation of life for you, for without it who would you be.

You cannot experience what you are unwilling to express.

You support only others who encourage your thoughts of limitations, spiritual ineptness, and lack of vision.

The abyss of your pride, control, hatefulness has its roots in the description of your world and its people. You have become separated from God and humanity.

You lack knowledge of Love and Gratification and so you’re always wanting what you feel you deserve.

Generosity has a limited role in your vast ego driven life, you can’t deal with life on life’s terms, your happiness only prevail with your wishes being met.

No matter the amass of public accolades, raw materials you gather, you can’t help others, because you’re not genuine, you’re not honest. Honesty is Courage. Courage is Love.

You cannot experience what you are unwilling to express.

You hold on tight to everything, because you’re afraid it will not return if you let it go.

You’re afraid, and you express fear whenever there’s a problem. You harbor fear like a God. It is your God.

To help others with strength, help yourself with truth, To assist others in bravery assist yourself in courage and honesty. You have not achieve more than any other, you live in a world of illusions. There is not one greater than the least of us.

The true litmus test to Self-Realization is gratitude. Gratitude isn’t what you received or what you think you worked for, but–All the things you have given away.

If you can’t give Unconditional Love, you lack the basis of life. No matter what your bank account says, no matter your education, no matter the letters that are in front or behind your surname. You’re not Genuine.