Gods and Our Selfish Motives

433207_36c7I imagine we are all selfish for some acceptable reasons. My children garner my undivided loyalty protecting our communal relationship a reasonable cause.

As well, the relationship with my wife, I would not ransom her for the universe. And so, without wavering I refuse to compromise those relationships to secure the relationships of others. Am I alone in this predicament?

By the way, I demand total autonomy to follow my own spiritual intuition.  Freedom to be wrong, right, or insanely childish is a God-given right–would you not believe?

I want my God, my Way


I define my own existence.  I seldom desired following another person’s perceptions. Remarkably as a child I rebuked my Mother’s views on religion.  I steadfastly dismissed her demands to accept the formal practice of religion.  I wanted the freedom to create my own God, that is if a God needed to be created. A ravening freedom manic at conception; I did not want to be led.  Am I alone in this predicament?569396_5cde

Are we not ultimately coerced by family, culture, and tradition in selecting deities?  I proudly predict selections are self-interest rationales that suits personality, characteristics, and cultural norms more so than faith.

The Perfect Fit


We select Gods that best evoke our contentment. Our spiritual selections do not relinquish spiritual facts or unexplainable religious artifacts as proof of a deity. Not surprisingly, the Godly engagement, most likely occurred, while being guided by parents, prodded by friends or in your bedroom after a night of unprotected sex.

Some select Gods that resembles humans, statues, or silence space.   Ultimately, we select Gods who care about our well-being.  We desire a selfish God.  Do we not warrant those attractions? We desire deities, where if one does right, the deities does right by us. Did we not negotiate this deal for our obedience?   Are earthly happiness, acquisitions, and ever-lasting eternity our ill-gotten gains for keeping the faith?  I wonder Am I alone in this predicament?


The Invisible Dragon

Where is Your Kingdom of God?


My self-realization remains a mystery too unbelievable to conceive. A short glimpse in my past reveals a stream of mental agitations rightly suited for a psychopath. I occupied for years a n egotistical infected mind.

Fortunes, fame, and acquisitions propelled my existence. I failed immeasurable amounts of times in my self-created illusionist world. I desired an external definition of self. I was a perfectly insane.


“The ultimate truth is so simple. It is nothing more than being in the pristine state. That is all that needs to be said.” Ramana Maharishi

A Stormy Sea


The chase nearly achieved its hidden-purpose my self-destruction. My obsessed mind of endless attachments and constant thinking positioned my exit many times. Fortunately, my path to spiritual awareness existed through this portal, this burnt out life. Remarkably and thankfully, my spiritual restoration would take place on earth.  Again, thank God.

“The kingdom of God will not come if you watch for it. Nor will anyone be able to say, ‘It is here’ or ‘It is there.’ For the kingdom of God is within you.” Jesus

417266_11ddI never will prescribed to the acceptance of a God mediator.  I desire to find the God in me of my own accord.  I do not want interpretation of my salvation.  The world’s religions saturated with angry Gods, restricted diets, forbidden wearing of clothing creates more confusion than harmony.

I AM…?


And so, I sought a definition to “I AM” without declaring obedience to man’s interpretation of God. This road a lonely stretch of self-inquiry where no exist to interpret the language and sounds of God.  I love it this way.  I am guaranteed to find my source inside me.

To pull someone out of the mud, you must first step into the mud yourself.” Hasidic Master Israel Baal Shem Tov

If the source of God is within me, I must go into the mud and bring myself to the light.


Tao Te Ching Verse 7

The Master is available to all people

and doesn’t reject anyone.

She is ready to use all situations

and doesn’t waste anything.

This is called embodying the light.


What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher?

What is a bad man but a good man’s job?

If you don’t understand this, you will get lost,

however intelligent you are.

It is the great secret.

Dragon will talk later about Kingdom.

Tao Verse 29, Living Naturally

431653_d4f8 “Armageddon with a Friend” – by Pensiero

Tao Verse 29


Do you think you can make the world

a better place?

I do not think it can be done.

The world is a sacred sphere.


Try to control it, you destroy it.

Try to hold it, you lose it.

Allow life to unfold naturally.


there is a time for being ahead

and a time for being behind;

a time for being in motion

a time for being at rest;

a time for being vigorous;

and a time for exhausted;

a being for safe

and a time for being in danger.


The Master accept perfection

without needing to control.

She stays in the center

watching things come

and go.


The Invisible Dragon

How to Free the Busy Mind…Spiritually.

I’m Thinking730554_c6e2


The busy inattentive mind remains in a constant state of thought. The hectic mentality spins uncontrollable as a rabid animal, one whose death would be mercifully warranted. How does the mind become so infected with constant thought? It created, divided, and conquered by its ego.

When the mind exits its original state after birth, it soon begins to divide itself. The spiritual mind is one of stillness, peace; we see its reflection in faces of newborns. A glow of innocence, nothingness, as babies sits quietly mercerized by silence. A baby is born with two fears “being dropped” and “loud noises.”

The Chase is On


Not soon after, the baby begins to grow as a child and unfortunately, so does “I AM_____.”  The child rapidly discovers the illusionist powers in the words, “I AM_____.” Its false ownership of Mom, dad, toys, bottles, blankets reinforce there’s an “I AM_____.” Conversely, at that moment the mind has become divided from its original state. It now begins its journey of discovering who “I AM.”

The obsessive “I AM______” thoughts if left unaided creates a never satisfied, jealous, and always seeking acquisitiveness egotistical adolescence and eventually adult. An adult who soon becomes ravenous by fears, judgments, and unhappiness. Often we look at the baby pictures of these adults and silently whisper, “What happen?”

280828_1fb4 Choose the Peaceful Mind


When the mind becomes divided, ego like a beast of the fields roams it consciousness looking to devour and control.  The conquered egotistical person becomes a cold robotic figure, pursuing one egotistical illusion after another. To sit quietly in a chair evokes questions of mental instability instead of peace and stillness. Illusions chasing becomes a way of life.

The world of egotistical illusions creates a spiritual powerless person.,  “Be still and know “I AM God.” Release yourself from greed, acquisitions, pride, boastfulness, and ‘chasing something.’ Allow life to come to you fully accepted all treasures, rain and sunshine. Release the illusion that life can be controlled, and become free of spiritual bondage.

The truth remains as steady as when you were a baby.  In stillness you find God in yourself.

The Invisible Dragon

Tao Verse 26 Calm


The heavy is the root of the light.

Stillness is the master of chaos.


The Master poised amidst the disorder.

Her feet firmly planted

in her home while traveling

the world.


Why should the Lord of the country

flit around like a fool?

If you let yourself be blown to and fro

you lose touch with your root.


To be restless is to

lose one’s self-control.


The Invisible Dragon