Noble Street Charter School in Chicago


I had a wonderful time with high school students at Noble Street Charter school this spring. I did a teen enrichment and leadership program and had the time of my life. These were some of most engaging teens I have come across. We covered topics from every genre it seems, i.e., bullying, mental illness, verbal violence and more. The conversations were deep, funny, and silly all at once. I admire teens in today’s society possessing the abilities to talk about their issues.

One of the most significant discussions was bullying. I was a verbal bully growing up on the Southside of Chicago. Unlike a physical bully whose aggression to beat their victims to a pulp would only do. For me, my weapon of bullying was telling jokes. I told jokes that would fry the skin off unsuspecting targets in elementary, high school, and college. My quick cobra bite left many in a sea of pain I hoped for. Fellow students had to hate seeing me come down the hallway, afraid they could become the next victim. I look back and realize the harm I subjected on some classmates and neighborhood cohorts. I am a huge advocate against teen bullying.

Bullying in any form is not cool. In previous years, I have run into a few people I bullied in elementary and college, the looks they gave me was chilling. After nearly 20-30 years, their faces bellowed their internal pain against me from a bullhorn. I was speechless and yet sorry for them and me. What I did to these two individuals was spiritual and moral torture. It was clear, I was a former Nazi general these victims had run into on their vacation in Peru or a central island that hide war criminals. I was ashamed. I never want faces looking back at me with such a blank expression ever again. It hurts…that I offended others because of my fears and personal doubts. However, I am sorry for the pain and distressed I have subjected on others. But I learned a lesson, bullying never dies; victims can live with the pain for years.

I hope conversations on bullying continue to alert us of the dangers to the victims. This group helped me express my feelings on it. We explored a variety of issues but bullying stood out for me.  My time comes to an end tomorrow at a place I learned more than I taught…goodbye for now.  I had a ball…

Robert Williams

Tao 17, The Wise Leader

When the Great Master leads
the people are unaware.
Second best the leader
who is loved.
Next, the leader
who is feared.
Last, the one who
is detested.


If the people are
so is the leader.
The Great Master
speaks with softness
but acts aloud,
When his work
is done the people say,
we did it ourselves.


A leader acts must collaborate her words. This is the authenticity of a leader. For the leader who says much with no physical agitation deceives herself and the people notices her flaws.

The Invisible Dragon

The Dragon Returns

“Yes one who flies above the sky leaves her dust.”

The dragon has completed his first semester in graduate courses. It was an exciting reentry into the world of higher education. My professors were great as well as my classmates. I did not know what to expect back in August, but apprehension was apparent in my first few weeks.

The classes were inclusive and allowed me freedom of self-expression; I had anticipated a more rigid atmosphere. (I am sure there may be some professors who will demonstrate this behavior.)

I have decided to concentrate my master’s studies in the area of leadership and develop a framework of leadership development. I can across a book titled, “Leadership in the twentieth-first century by Joseph C. Rost and my purpose became evident after my purchase and reading. Leadership appears to be in quagmire concerning a consensus on definition.

My heart has many thoughts on the phenomenon called “Leadership.”  Hopefully we explore together but yet apart…

5 Signs of a Enlightened Leader


A journey of personal contentment, humbleness, wisdom, can be daunting. The restructure of spirit may take several months, most likely years. Personally my journey began in August 2005, I have witnessed growth, setbacks and re-evaluation on a daily bases.

The evolution requires deeply committed energy, unobstructed by external factors. e.g. marriage, employment, relationships

My salvation rested with me, this I understood clearly, refusing since youth to turn it over to spiritual men of the cloth. A higher spiritual consciousness, attracts and consumes my faith, a faith guided by my experiences.

Support guidance not taken lightly, I decided upon guidelines one would have to possess for me to entertain listening to their speech. Its my mortal life, its my eternal life, and I have the keys to it, I choose to open the door to whomever.


My 5 Spiritual Leadership Guidelines


(1) Love

It would be their cornerstone, not in words, but actions. There would be no question of their compassion, stewardship and far-reaching desires to help all of men, not just ones that satisfies their agenda.


(2) Ego-less

Traces of arrogance, harshness, does not come from their lips. You would not have a feeling that you must impress them, or somehow could disappoint them. You welcome their company, not altering your behaviors to fit their lofty expectations.


(3) Hand-offs

Effective growth can only be shepherded in by leading without strong hands. Guiding one passively to find their own strength, allowing them to choose their road.  Invisible leaders, who do not feel the compulsion to control everything and everybody.


(4) Fear used as a tactic

Fear is the oldest and most useless formula to lead people. If it accompany instructions, such leader lack personal discipline and wisdom. They create monsters consistently, so your thoughts and behaviors may be controlled from a distance.


(5) The leader trust no one, and no one trust them

A mutual sense, that something amiss, not spoken but felt. When such atmosphere exist, no growth will come through it, none. The people have no true voice in the matters of their own spiritual salvation.


If someone says something that goes against my reasoning and common sense, I don’t do it. Relinquishing my freedom to choose will never become a prerequisite to keep anyone’s company.

I have the freedom,  I choose wisely. 

What is Supreme Leadership?

leadership3-thumb.jpg Leadership e.g., One who takes a road less-traveled to give faith to the faithless. Supreme Leadership e.g., One who guides others to travel whatever road they choose.

Supreme leadership requires the wisdom of a higher spirit, a celestial mental state of wisdom and compassion.

A spirit that’s never authoritarian and aggressive. Its a summer breeze unseen which has great impact upon the faces of many.

Boosting is unfamiliar with supreme leadership, this form of jargon separates and creates jealousy. The celestial mind welcomes evil and good. Seeing each as the same. alliswell

It refrains from preconditions of favor, garnishing no animosity to ones who dismiss it. The task of the supreme leader is not to lead, but to follow The Great Way.

The Tao has no customs, traditions and preconceived behaviors to prove one’s worth. Under sun and moon Tao reminds that all are equal.

A supreme leader understand the way of least-resistance, trampling not upon others for the sake of being called leader. Her mercy sooths and protects, giving only what’s needed and then retiring.

lead4 There’s no price to pay to sit in her company, no chants to recite. A supreme leader moves the heart of people with unconditional love.

This impacts far more then rehearsed words of grandeur; love-less words always falls to earth and die on unfertilized soil.

The Tao and the Supreme Leader are one, as well as all under the heavens.

Guiding others to find their true natural is all it does; returning all to their original celestial state of being.

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