You Have One Power

“In all worldly situations exists the opposite. Bad situations grow good causes, and excellent matters turn dreadful in a moment. Seek balance in Tao in all circumstances.” The Invisible Dragon

mindfulness There exist continual streams of good and bad fortune. Although both are identical, nevertheless, the carnal mind, seek to redress moments as different and controllable. Did you know humans like animals are susceptible to nature’s order? As such, the illusion, that we possess powers to alter time is yet unsettling. Hence, our life is a fluctuating phenomenon we have yet to neither understand nor control.

In fact, our illusion about change is the author of our constant disharmony. For instance, not accepting circumstances is a symptom of this chronic affliction. Regardless to popular misconceptions, we are at the mercy of nature. As a result, our only power is to remain balance with the Tao. As such, the consciousness that understand this reality is often a harmonized spirit.

NEWS FLASH: You have one influence: the ability to accept change that demonstrates the duality of nature.

Inside clouds, bursting with rain hides the sun, as such; the flood that sweeps us alone shall lay us beside a soft valley. Life is coins of both sides. Instead of fighting your bad incidents, come to accept their duality. In so much, resist the temptation to believe conditions are 3251194053_e88629fc6a_o-e1262763452495permanent. The only permanent is change. Nothing stays the same we all evolve.

Resistance is Futile

When you receive bad news fight the urge to resist its deliverance. In fact, understand this is a norm of life, a matter of nature, as like snowfall.

Furthermore, our inner-power increases with this viewpoint. As a result, we see ourselves no longer as victims but recipients of something higher. For this reason, we now exhume a posture of acceptance and surrender, this mechanism is the greatest power available to humankind.

At any rate, we would believe we could wish, pray or cry situations away. These illusions are assumptions of time control. In truth, the only power that the source provides is the choice to accept change and move on. Consequently, there is one other unfortunate choice, fight the inevitable. However, not to be forgotten, what you resist will persist.


The Invisible Dragon

Who Else Want to Slow Down

businesswoman - bad phone call Do you find yourself exhausted after your day? Do you believe the ‘not pain, no gain’ adage? Consume with destinations and plagued with goals; does life exist without notice. In a constant state of motion, you are never-resting, looking backward and forward for what is next. Unbeknownst for some, sadly, chasing ambitions can increase fatigue and threaten spirit and body.

Mindfulness is the art of staying present and innovative. To master stillness is not only spiritual but also healthy. “Be still, and know that I am God,” (Ps. 46:10) illustrates the divine mechanism, which regulate awareness. In other words, when mindful, one exists in the moment, unaffected by egotistical thinking and desires.

Subsequently, the self-centered mind however is always in pursuit. It never rest, even while sleep, it rumbles one awake, making one believe they forgot to do something. Others catch themselves talking aloud, and until they realize someone’s watching do we snap out of it. The hurried life is not worth living. You may get the shiny new adult toy but at what price. Stop chasing life, persist in faith, and allow God to flow through you.

Nevertheless, do not realize too late, the chase was an illusion…while you battle for your health.

The Invisible Dragon



Who Else Wants Nirvana?

390160577_e951cae02cBe soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall. Follow the stream, have faith in its course. It will go its own way, meandering here, trickling there. It will find the grooves, the cracks, the crevices. Just follow it. Never let it out of your sight. It will take you.”clip_image001[1] Sheng-yen


Go With The Flow

How to stay devoted to nothingness remains a daunting task. As Sheng-yen states, It will go its own way, meandering here, trickling there.” As humans, we sometimes expect linear paths to distinctions. However, unlike GPS instructions, spiritual journeys have no prepackaged information. It may resemble water with Buddha’ motionless concentration, nevertheless, only balance keeps one faithful.

We may not rush or alter its directions; this causes imbalance and spiritual irritation. Therefore, the all-knowing and its guidance must receive close examination by the seeker. Nevertheless, it does not require meditation, yoga or a guru for transformation. These and all other supplements provide only superficial add-ons. Inside one’s own spirit, everything one desires for the walk is provided.

Never rushing or manipulating its gift, one must enjoy the secrets it contains. However, do not allow it to get far away from you. As a result, stay steadfast in its devotion to lead one to mindfulness and awareness. Remember, it cannot be bottled or packaged in text. Likewise, it cannot be possess and used as power over others. Like water it flows everywhere, all who seek it, find it.

The Invisible Dragon


The Tao of Nothing

424114016_a10c8f1ccc_m The Tao has nothing to offer. Subsequently, it is not a magical formula one masters to receive its consent. As to make clear, the Tao is at the bottom of all imaginations. It is unclear of its origins, but it is the nameless in the world of 10,000 things.

Before the universe, it exists. It requires no personal submission, customs or ceremonial practices. Like water, it flows high above the cloud and beneath the valley. It remains nameless, so not to mislead those who seek assistance.

The Tao instruct and yet not teach, it feeds, but does conquer hunger. The mystery comes and goes without much fanfare. In the consciousness, it is silent, professing nothing but providing all awareness.

The egotistical mind refutes it guidance and all-knowing wisdom. Preferring to rely on illusions, the self-centered mind lives in fear and unceasing thinking. Sadly, this consciousness runs back and forth from its habits.  Seek nothing and gain everything.  Give all away, so to create your Tao.

Tao remains all things and yet nothing.

The Invisible Dragon


Does it hurt? Being Lost in Identities.

4289153378_0b4bb5b0f6_m Beside the synthetic identifications (i.e., mother, employee, husband, soccer mom, daughter) how do I decode your authenticity? For example, if an alien lacking our vocabulary sought a workable definition of you, what would you say? For instance, would you replay, ‘I am a mother and work over at the plant’ or a social community organizers. Hmm, not good enough, you play those roles like an actor in a movie. I am seeking your true self, beneath the facade. Minus the social or pious affiliations, who are you really?

I am a man/woman of____. What? What were you going to say? Please, I do not want to waste time on company tag lines. Don’t attempt to dazzle me with phraseology? Speak with some relevance, not with the b.s. used to keep baseless conversations afloat. So, on the contrary, I am requesting the person who screams when the lights flicker. Tell me about that circus ringmaster.

Tell me about the one who shakes violently, if those private thoughts are made public. Please, describe the underground you operate alone side the public front. Yea, talk to me about her. However, have your identifications caused disorientation? When I asked you to tell me who you are, you stated, “Give me a minute.” five minutes ago. (Thinking of an identity to sell me.)

Just tell me who you are. Without all worldly dressings (i.e., religious, racial, gender, cultural, spiritual, employment or sexual orientation) articulate your existence so a mindful conversation may occur.

“The Dragon blows his smoke and stings the mind’s eye.”