Tao 44: The Imitation of Life


Fame or integrity: which is more important?

Money or happiness: which is more valuable?

Success or failure: which is more destructive?


If you look to others for fulfillment,

you will never truly be fulfilled.

If your happiness depends on money,

you will never be happy with yourself.


Be content with what you have;

rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking,

the whole world belongs to you.

Translation Stephen Mitchell

“The Way has no beginning and ending and thus it provides everything and yet nothing.

I had a conversation with a Sage yesterday, although a Christian Sage, an astute individual nonetheless. The conversation invited an overview of the suffused melodies the pen has put forth on Taoism. Although a master of the sword (i.e. pen), I am just an infant to the Tao. Therefore, the Tao support neither the winner or loser, it does not recognize the failure or a success. The Way does not recognize ceremonial piousness or devotions provided to the altar. This is folly…The Tao is endless with no beginning, nothing more or less.

One who needs a mirror sees an imitation of life.”

The Invisible Dragon


365 Tao, entry 11 ‘Healing’



“No matter how extreme a situation is, it will change. It cannot continue forever. Thus, a great forest fire is destined to burn itself out; a turbulent sea will become calmer…Natural events balance themselves out by seeking their opposites, and this process of balance is at the heart of all healing…Actually, without these slight imbalances, there could be no movement in life..It is being off-balance that keeps life changing…Total balance would only be stasis…All life is continual destruction and healing, over and over again…In the mist of extreme situation, the wise are patient..They know healing will follow upheaval.”365 tao daily meditation by ming-dao deng

(Personal Development)

Despite our best devotion to deities, philosophies, and faiths: we are members of the fluctuation of nature. As such, change is a constant in the mechanism of our existence. Thus, our best day hides in the current despair, likewise, the lowest moment exist in present happiness.

I was fortunate to begin my process of healing while on earth. Both my parents were not afforded the opportunity of self-cultivation: both died at incredible young ages (35 & 46). If however there is something learned from their contribution, it is, “Never give up”. A chapter of life is not the book. Learn to accept change, regardless of its degree, be resilient, knowing…eventually change will occur, even to our consciousness.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis

365 Tao Daily Meditations, entry 1

A fellow-blogger (The Rambling Taoist) provides so much information on Taoism. His ideas, and initiatives are plenty; I highly recommend subscribing to his site. Here is an ideal lifted from him with all due respect, it is something he does, I’m compelled to be guided.

365 Tao Daily Meditations, entry 1

“We must make a decision…a commitment to daily cultivation. We must make a strong connection to our inner selves…once we choose to commit ourselves to spiritual practice; even the mountains and valleys will reverberate to the sound of our purpose…”

(Personal Development)

Alone one must navigate self-cultivation. This faithful decision to recognize and accept personal strengths and weaknesses builds character and resiliency. Thus, to know thyself truthfully, remains a lofty accomplishments.  So, meditate daily upon your inner-self and develop an unmolested consciousness; unaffected by external circumstances.   “He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu

“People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character. ”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Invisible Dragon

To Discover Yourself, Abandon Your Knowledge


Thinking isn’t Good for You

There are no commandments to obey or mantras to recite, to find one’s true being. To know yourself, look no further than at one’s heart. In the heart, the true nature without tarnish remains changeless. For this reason, all external procedures to self are inheritably false. These antiquated routines are concepts of men.

Did you know, our source in silence and stillness reveals our true nature? Without rehearsal or scripted jargon, it speaks softly to us. Unfortunately, if one has a busy mind, its energy will quickly be attached to a mental object. The mental concept that  falsely believes the source must have a name, shape, or emotions will now create our bondage.

The Trap

Sadly, and inconsolably, we suffer from mental percepts that chain us to fear and expectations. Moreover, the steadfast vigil to uphold our false spiritual comprehension develops a feverish appetite for proof. Consequently, this delusion to prove what one falsely believes consumes life.  Amazingly, our passion becomes our captor.

To find yourself, unlearn everything you have been taught. As a matter of reference, do not attempt to learn anything, for all knowledge is a concept of the mind. ‘Being,’ is to be ignorant, inside this negation one truly understand their identity. It is better to walk a thousand miles blind to self, than to take one-step with to a false image.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis

The Silence of the Waking Hours


Don’t Wake up

Some of my best life events are experienced in the waking hours. Quietly and motionless, I arrive to an appreciation of the unknown though this portal. Wickedly exciting, inside this entryway, I am neither afraid nor desiring; strangely, the world of my mind is inconspicuously absent.

In fact, these waking hours imitate a trance like state. I imagine I am God walking. Although all things are moving, I am surreal in my behavior, a motionless witness; one possessed by a crazed zealousness for the stillness. I believe, in this context, I am a candid representation of my true nature, the absolute, a all-encompassing spirit.

A Purposeful Dream

Consequently, I comprehend my self-realization in the silence of the waking hours. In other words, I undergo wholeness, humility, and tranquility. There are no battles, no competitions to defend or egotistical desires pressing my attention. More important indeed, my existence has no purpose in the waking hours, I am harmless as a caterpillar.

What must one achieve to live life in the waking hours? Ultimately, one would need to join the spiritual witness protection program I contend. Specifically, for this reason, one would become free to witness the world’s events without engagement. Hopefully soon, one morning, I die in the walking hours.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis