We are living a bad dream…

Dragon’s Daily Fireball


Imagine yourself immersed in a dream.  A scary mental projection that appears all too real.  Unable to awake, you moan and complain about this dream state referred to as, ‘Life.” 

You react to its rapid plot-changing action with deep-emotions.  You cry, laugh, and experience mental exasperation.  The climax is always the same, pain and fear.

When we are slaves to this imagination, our dream (Life) appear as reality.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Nothing conceivable is real.  Our memory is a manufacturer of surrealism.

Break away from its bondage and witness your true existence.

The Invisible Dragon

Dragon’s Daily Fireball


“Excavating a bad habit is not liberation from the mind.  We exchange captivities with this faulty practice.  It, the mind, unbeknownst, created our bad habits.  Why seek the wolf’s guidance to escape the fox?  Destroy the mind and go beyond.”

The Invisible Dragon

The Silence of the Waking Hours


Don’t Wake up

Some of my best life events are experienced in the waking hours. Quietly and motionless, I arrive to an appreciation of the unknown though this portal. Wickedly exciting, inside this entryway, I am neither afraid nor desiring; strangely, the world of my mind is inconspicuously absent.

In fact, these waking hours imitate a trance like state. I imagine I am God walking. Although all things are moving, I am surreal in my behavior, a motionless witness; one possessed by a crazed zealousness for the stillness. I believe, in this context, I am a candid representation of my true nature, the absolute, a all-encompassing spirit.

A Purposeful Dream

Consequently, I comprehend my self-realization in the silence of the waking hours. In other words, I undergo wholeness, humility, and tranquility. There are no battles, no competitions to defend or egotistical desires pressing my attention. More important indeed, my existence has no purpose in the waking hours, I am harmless as a caterpillar.

What must one achieve to live life in the waking hours? Ultimately, one would need to join the spiritual witness protection program I contend. Specifically, for this reason, one would become free to witness the world’s events without engagement. Hopefully soon, one morning, I die in the walking hours.


The Invisible Dragon

Miles Davis

Can Man Truthfully Teach God?

628441_4b36All words possess fallibility. Whether spoken, written or insinuated with hand gestures words possess representations of another individual’s thoughts.

Words originated with grunts, art painting on walls, object displays, group movements. and eventually morphed into language.

More significant, words preceded creation, in the beginning words described our unexplainable environment.

What does this mean for the Dragon? This should be not surprise I have no clue how to describe my source. In other words, I am not pompous enough to believe my words define God, more so, than the television minister or a drunk pushing a cart.

Words Misguide Us


As a matter of fact, I believe words demand the least respect concerning spiritual restoration. The howl of a lone wolf speaks louder than a million men shouting about God. Words embed perceptions, misconceptions, truths, and lies. When are we not sure words convey nothing more than artificial jargon.

The Dragon’s tongue reflects the ego mind and spiritual purity at times. I do not profess a secret to Tao, God, Source or the mystery. Finely dressed in an Armani suit or resting atop a leaf, I have no clue about the whereabouts your God.

This may be unsettling for some since vast amounts of men proclaim knowledge of God’s whereabouts. I will not contest opinions or facts on their opinion. Some may be right, however, I posses no faith in God’s location declared the tongues of men.

I Trust my Heart


My spiritual restoration desired no traditional stories or ceremonial rituals for belief. I selected or my source selected a path of darkness for my spiritual edification.   420441_4dba

I retraced my steps to a time before birth.  The experience difficult and exhausting it was the hardest expose I ever endured.  I trusted no person and found “I AM.” I sought everything, and discover nothing.  I surrendered to darkness and awaken by light.

You see, again words are tricky and confusing, even when spoke by the Dragon.  However, as mentioned, if one profess mastery of God I retreat into darkness.

In the darkness man’s words do not exist, that’s where “I AM.” I always free with my source.

Whatever that source may be.


The Invisible Dragon

What is Spiritual Faith?

First, What Faith is Not


Faith is not relentless praying and meditating until wishes come true. **Faith is not the practice of good behavior with hopes of a better life here or after**Faith is not the practice of customs, traditions or rituals ** Faith is not precondition behaviors for rewards, faith is not tithes**faith is not hate or intolerance**faith is not God is “On our Side,” ** faith is not a pastor, minister, pope, bishop, palm reader or fortune teller ** faith is not specific behaviors practiced on certain days ** faith is not men-only to being preachers ** faith is not believing all who disagree with your faith should burn in hell ** faith is not heterosexual nor homosexual preference ** faith is not race, creed or color ** faith is not religious clothing ** faith is not chants, mantras, or The Lord’s pray ** Faith is not the Bible, Koran, or any other book, who claims it’s a book of faith ** Faith is not being right ** faith is not a great spiritual orator ** faith is not a mega-church or a small cozy one ** faith is not an act of miracles ** faith is not the Virgin Mary ** a picture of a crying Jesus ** or a bright light witnessed in near death situations ** Faith is not things working out for you ** faith is not converting followers to your faith ** faith is not abstinence ** faith is not abstaining from pre-martial sex, alcohol, booze or drugs, ** and faith is not the sole ownership of those who believes their faith is stronger than others.

What is Faith?


Faith is nothing. Faith is thoughtless, faith is silence, faith is stillness, faith is inner-spirit, faith is self-harmony, faith is non-judgmental, faith is egoless, faith is love of all and abandonment of none, faith is guiding one’s own life, faith is change, faith is spiritual balance, faith is self-discovery, faith is self-honesty, faith is patience, faith is self-awareness, faith is desire-less, faith is non-expectations, faith is inner-growth, faith is inclusion…Faith is saying, I’m sorry…Faith is accepting I’m sorry…Faith is forgiveness…Faith is love… Faith is blind….


Robert Williams