5 Spiritual Resolutions for the New (You)


With the New Year comes the proclamation of a new you. This is my 47th New Year and I look back and declare some visible changes. My Taoism remains a vital part of my life; I began a couple years ago with the study of the Eastern philosophy. It has served me well although it does nothing.

I marvel at my metamorphose from arrogant brute to a spiritual being. Some personal characteristics I cherished from childhood have vanished e.g., anger, violence, loathing.

The satisfaction of discovering one’s self without interference cannot be understated. However, it was a painful walk to this point, nevertheless, it continues with brief moments of doubt followed by reassurance at times.

Alone the way, I adopted several spiritual characteristics that were and remain beneficial to my evolution. This list by no means captures all that went into my journey which continues today.

(1) Consciousness

A friend of mine said, “One cannot rise above their consciousness.” Oh, so true, nothing defines a person than where the invisible spirit lay. It’s immeasurable by human tools but describes all actions. Your consciousness is made of many things; four of those characteristics are listed below.

(2) Forgiveness

Anger and resentment destroys the spirit. For when you have an enemy you are looking at yourself. You will become what you hate; there is no way around it, for holding a grudge is like hanging over a volcano by a string. Forgiveness releases you from your self-imposed prison. Forgiveness is self-driven.

(3) Self-Awareness

No greater man than one who witness his own faults. When one lack self-awareness they find their heads on other people’s pillows. The world becomes a fearful and bitter place as we concentrate on the morals and values of contemporaries. Only self-examination and acceptance of what we find in ourselves can render a peaceful spirit.

(4) Empathy

The gift to be able to experience the life of another. A spirit void of transforming oneself into another has limitations. For the people can see swiftly when one does not care. Our intolerance for mankind’s behaviors and subsequent reputation comes at a price. We lose social capital only looking at life through our own vision. How can you really know a person without living in their skin?

(5) Emotional Stability

The quickest descent is being not in control of one’s emotions. Reckless emotions destroy relationships and the internal spirit which they live. Our interpersonal skills are bankrupt and stillborn as we misinterpret the simplest communication. Have a firm hold on your emotions and stay focus on reality.

The Invisible Dragon opens his nostrils.

How to Love a Woman

woman-on-bed2A few things about women to share.  I had several intimate relationships throughout my life, playing sport had privileges.

Women are complex as I seem to never figure out my wife at times.  Listed below some time-proven techniques that a man should employ, especially married men.

Married men fall into the trap of she must like it we’re still doing it.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Women love creativity, the same rusty-ass feet don’t make it for her.  Your bravado has long left you, you’re a mannequin, unimaginative.

Spice it up bro.  Mentally stimulate her before you touch her.  Chemistry of Love can be felt across a crowed room.

Can’t miss Love Techniques.

1.  Get a manicure and pedicure occasionally.  The anticipation of a woman to a man who care about their hands and feet, mouth watering.  Professionally done nails, soft feet, its a rap.dragon-woman3

2.  Colognes are made with chemicals that interact with the air.  Know if yours clashes with the atmosphere.  Stop slapping on old Spice and shouting; “Let’s Get This Party Started.”

3.  Shine your shoes.  Agh!!! look at those dusty steppers.  Shoes; the first thing a woman looks at.  Don’t believe me; ask.

4.  Don’t wear underwear; ever.  Elementary you should have learned this in the 80’s.

5.  Always have a few great looking suits.  No Jackson 5 clown crap.  Traditional colors never go out of style, Navy Blue, Charcoal Black, Black, Grey. (Make sure your belt and shoes match.)

If none of this works for you keep getting her drunk.

The Invisible Dragon


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Gender Differences in Depression

Dr Bob Murray is a widely published psychologist and expert on emotional health and optimal relationships.

Men tend to act out their mood disorder while women typically turn it inward. Depression symptoms in men and women can be radically different, leading to lack of understanding and correct diagnosis. Based on the latest research findings here are some of the prime differences between male and female depression (of course not everyone will have the same symptoms, and almost certainly not all of them, this is just a rough guide):

Symptoms in men Symptoms in women
Blames others Tendency to self-blame
Anger, irritability, ego inflation Feels sad, apathetic, worthless
Feels suspicious, guarded Feels anxious, frightened
Creates conflict Avoids conflict
Restlessness and agitation Slows down, nervousness
Compulsiveness Procrastination
Sleeps too little Sleeps to much
Becomes controlling Difficulty maintaining boundaries
Shame (eg. sex performance) Guilt
Fear of failure Problems with success
Becomes over status-conscious Assumes low status
Self-medicates through alcohol Self-medicates through food
Over use of internet/TV/email Withdrawal

Depression Facts

What is Depression?

  • Depression is such a illness which includes your whole body and research on this concluded that this is detected in the brain through modern imaging techniques. Most of the time those who have very much depression can lead to imbalance of certain brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters and obliviously to depression afterwards.
  • Depression is more than the sadness or upset moods and disappointment which occurs due to ups and downs in the life. It is a generally a set of more symptoms that are distinct from one’s normal feelings and behavior. These depressive symptoms last for more than weeks and interfere with daily individual and family functioning of individual.
  • Depression is nothing but a treatable medical illness which can be marked by major changes in mood, thinking and energy levels. It is one of the most common and serious brain diseases in the US.
  • Major depression is only the type of the depression which occurs at any time during a one’s lifetime.

Symptoms of Depression

Many times it is observed that experiencing the following symptoms one by one or many at a time every day during a two-week period can cause clinical depression:

  • Mainly sad feeling for a long duration
  • Major disorders related to sleep
  • Constant irritation, anger, care, worry about anything
  • Pessimistic nature, indifference
  • Lack of energy, persistent dullness
  • Guilty feeling
  • Lack of concentration
  • Inability to take pleasure in former interests
  • Undesirable pains
  • Recurring thoughts or try of suicide

Who Gets Depression?

Age group between 20 and 50 is more prone to depressions generally. The average age group is of 40, and many times it occurs in the late teens or early young age is the result according to the National Institute of Mental Health in 1998. In case of children it is seen that in 33 children and one in eight have affected from clinical depression and is the research by the Center for Mental Health Services, US Dept. of Health and Human Services in 1996.

Those who undergone depression or having depression problems are four times as likely to develop a heart attack than those who are normal. And the chance of second heart attack is seen more in them as well as the risk of death, and is the research by National Institute of Mental Health in 1998.

Research also have shown major depression may co-occurs with other illnesses listed below:

  1. 25 percent with cancer (which can be treated with chemotherapy medicines)
  2. 10 – 27 percent with post-stroke
  3. 50 – 75 percent with eating disorder
  4. 27 percent with individuals with substance abuse disorders
  5. 8.5 – 27 percent with diabetes

Women of Shekinah, Naked and Not Ashamed.

I am going to say much without saying anything. If you are a close friend then you understand what can not be said. You are aware of my legal situation and know anything that I say could be used against me. Normally, I would have posted by 7:59am. I apologized for being tardy.

The Invisible Dragon accurately and truthfully records his personal and spiritual journey. The path away from the conditioned mind of egotism, selfishness and a host of survival techniques that made me imbalanced. The Dragon does not look upon the path for pitfalls or enlightenment. Its a path.

Women of Skekinah

“Naked and Not Ashamed”

I requested a moment from First Lady Tracey Wright this past Sunday to speak to the Women of Shekinah. A group of women who privately I adore. Its the only group that gives me love and which I found myself comfortable enough to cry with. I have men who privately will do anything for me, however, to date; if my memory serves me correctly, one brother has cried in front of me privately in 25 years. When I become emotional with men, some time there after I think, maybe I should not have done it.

Its hard to cry to men. They don’t get it naturally. (That’s another story for a later date.)

My presentation centered on forgiveness and the power of prayer. I had come to throw myself upon their unconditional love. A love that I feel is established for my family and I. After a brief emotional moment explaining my reasoning it collapsed into a blitz of praying and worshiping. A true delight, however, this delight would have been repelled just a few months ago.

Experiences developed who I am. Looking at them in a negative or positive way creates duality for me. In which I become attached and trapped in a orgy of mental interpretations. Good or not good. There both the same, both exist for me while I am here. Its the contract of life for a celestial being hosted inside this temporary body.  I accept the bad and the good. However I know which are illusions. They are not my true nature, nevertheless; I must live with them on occasions.

Void of my worst days,

how would I know God?

If never down how do I rise.

Holy Spirit, what say you teach me?

Tears, seeds; true nature blossom.

Inside womb of God, molded by fire

Labor pains of new life

Terribly painful.

I cry.

A child must be born.

Women of Shekinah

Thank you so much, may God continue to bless your leadership and members,

I have known Tracey Wright since 1987 She has become a woman of inclusion.

The group has not a shield one must conquer to receive Love.

The strength of the group lies with its core members…




Betty Wright






to name just a few.

Invisible Dragon