Recently, I mentioned Derrick Rose was a pioneer by sitting out thus controlling his health analysis.  However Rose received tags as being “Soft”,  “Malcontent” and “No Guts”.  More importantly, he was compared to MJ…(I’m a Lakers man), but MJ is the toughest professional basketball player I’ve ever seen.  Thus, Rose by some should have played and entertained the fan as MJ often did…because he was  ‘Just a Jock’.  Therefore if you’re not performing Rose, “What good are you?  This was implicitly and explicitly implied about an adult making decisions about his body.  I believe women have such rights in cases of abortion…wait…I digress.

Click forward to today, Rose as I mentioned is a pioneer…he stood up for his future health implications.  Yesterday, this alleged  ‘Just a Jock’ created headlines with his t-shirt on the national peace march on police brutality.  Again, we should applaud…Rose is a social justice pioneer not seen in MJ, Kobe, and previous mega-superstars.  I stand also in saying that MJ, Kobe and the likes are not vilified for their alternative principles by the author.  That would be completely unfair each person must decide their own stance.  But, as a former athlete if you  have not ‘suited up’ be quiet about professional athletes’ health decision.  You know as much about it as Charles Barkley on U. S. history.

I defended Derrick Rose because he deserved it.  We’re a nation built on free speech, why must professional athletes remain muzzled?  I suggest also if African-Americans male athletes want to lose the “Just a Jock’ tag than stand for something.  I commend Rose, Lebron James, and other athletes who taken such stances.  But I admire MJ just as much for not but driving toward ownership/commercialism.  He’s opened the door also for former players to own an NBA team.  MJ is a pioneer in his own ranks.  Each Rose and him took a stance thus I admire both.  It was their decision to make.

Not ours….


The Invisible Dragon