The Black “Zombie” Athlete


The Black athlete soldier, unlike his counterpart, mirrors his urban brother.  He, the Black male, yearns redemption through athletic.  His scarred palms, paint his predicament exactly: athletic drugs and fascination, do not exist.  His dreams die before sunrise.  The Black athlete lives and die repeatedly believing, “What If”?  redemptive imagination, no longer running hot, the dark clouds, strangle his oxygen.  His brief thoughts, sunken tightly in a bent brow, says, I am not this cause.  I am not this monster, although, one cannot read or think critically. My blame, lay among others, the others that paved my path to illiteracy.  The Black athlete is not alone in this exploration, yet, his urban warrior yearns his deliverance.  Coaches, teachers, and the hood drove darkness together, never checking the revere mirror. Not engaging the speeding car, analysts predicted dark clouds ahead, you may want to get off the road, and wait this out.  Fuck no, wait what out, its just rain, The Black athlete, arrogant and gloomy, presses the gas.

The invisible storm stirs, The Black athlete’ hell predicted, flushing poorly constructed thoughts is not a savior.  No more cheers, his alter ego, transform him into the urban or rural warrior, his dark skin cursed. The powerful strut, his athletic chest sunken, the invisibleness apparent.  Not yet to the Black Athlete…he doesn’t give a shit.  No acadphotoemic institution provided, “no, you can’t play ball, you cannot think and read critically”.  Nonetheless, he storms into the abyss, thinking to describe his death.  He stumbles breathing, as the dark smoke, strangles his Black ass to invented death.

His coded pillow, signal terror, and an unimaginable fate, the tears begin again, and again.  What community or society permits such an academic holocaust?  The Black Athlete’ salvation is imaginary, intoxicated dreams, yet, nightmares. He silently sings, his voice sickens the authentic student, she realizes he’s on academic death row.  His death secured, “take it like a man, and go back where you came from”. From where, shall I venture, for whom shall hear my sorrows?  To the whore’ blossom shall grant redemption, heroin numb feelings, I’m slowing into my place…everything fine now..I’ll sleep a bit. When the sky bleeds sunlight my spirit will awake. I’ll be different, momma, I’ll be nice…I’m scared momma: I don’t know how to read and write.  What will they do to me?

What will they do to me?

Boy stop your only got three years to serve.  Your sister say hey,  she miss you. Your son ask about you every day, I didn’t want to bring him, I don’t want him to see you like this.  What you reading in here…son you have to read, that’s only way you get somewhere.  How’s your cousin doing, what cellblock is he in…don’t they fight over there a lot.   Yea, momma, it’s lots of violence in here, the slightest thing can blow up..I wish, I would have listened and learn reading and writing.  None of that boy, you in here now so think about getting out.  There are no jobs out there…just don’t give up son.  Don’t die alive in prison.  I’m praying every day momma, every day.

The Invisible Dragon


Dodge City Short: Phillips’ Garage Parties and Busting Freight

66f6ee0987d55c2c59c13c347cfdbf04Lil Ricky, as a poor young boy, growing up in the tight-canned ‘Englewood’ neighborhood set the stage for sport integration, drugs, hacking, and more. Poverty strips humanity from victims as the quest for more resources takes hold.  You’re aware your friends’ make silent noises in your absence.  Nonetheless, you act as if nothing connects with your ears, ‘sure they’re not laughing at me.’

Lil Ricky lived in a two flat in the Chicago’ Englewood community, 514 West Tremont.  In the early 70’s, at that time, Lil Ricky saw two parents in nearly every home or apartment.  More interesting, you respected adults, there were men in homes, married and unmarried at times.  Thus, we’ll stop throwing rock when one walked by. “Hey, Mr. Jones.,”  Ain’t you that Williams’ boy, yes sir, that’s me.  What’s your dam name boy, Ricky, lil Ricky sir…Well little Dickie, Ricky sir, whatever.  Stay your little Black behind off my garage.  And if I catch you in my backyard I’ll rip your ass up right there.  Now come take your behind to the store for me…ok Mr. Jones.  What store?  Brooks or Skeets…just get hog head cheese and bring my change.  Can I get something, No…bring back my change boy.  Yes sir.

Later in the Dodge

What the hell lil Ricky? Did you hear?  No what’s up?  Shelly pregnant.  WHAT!!! You’reslide_368066_4213848_free lying, she lives on my block…dude you lying?  No I’m not, she’s pregnant…dude that’s wild.  Her father’s going to be pissed…I’ve never seen anything like this.  She’s still in high school…her life over man…I’m telling you, really.  Yea, though, She is fine and got a big ass…who you think did it…don’t know.  It’s not like she runs around, this is not real Ricky…unheard…seriously the community was silent.  I had a crush on Shelly but not after that diagnosis…her mother has to be mad as hell.  What’s going on with the garage party? The new family, ‘Phillips’ throwing one this Friday…they brother name ‘Wee’ kicking it off.  You going…lil Ricky…yea I guess.

What’s wrong?  The only thing we do is grind our dicks on our zippers.  That shits hurt…some of them need to wear a skirt.  The Phillips family’ cool but one brother man he is no joke, I stay away from him.  Dude he’s mad all the time…all the time.  Son of a bitch looked at the mail box and the motherfucker box fell over.  Never smiling…creepy dude, keep your eyes open.  Are you going to the party Nate?  Yea, I might, I might be doing something, yea peeping in people’s windows.  I don’t do that!   Not what I heard, in fact, they say you camp out on the back porch.  Damn dude, really, come on man…not cool.  But what have you seen come on man tell us…or we’re going to rat your ass out.  Tell us what you seen……What naked?  How big were they? Seriously like monster tidies…dude really damn. Did she see you?  Dude I live on the second floor, I better not catch your ass trying that shit on my lil sister.  Hey, you want to dance?  Yea, cool, the new people must not have parents, they throw garage parties a lot.

Dude, peanut, you killing the robot, it looks real…get it zut.  Hot as hell in this garage, let me check outside for a moment..   You see Big Red?  Dude they say he doing a drug Richard Pryor doing…which one? Cocaine.  Cocaine!  Dude that’s expensive can’t no one pay for that…someone’s lying to you.  Seriously, why don’t you smoke weed lil Ricky, because I’m an athlete, I get high off sports and life.  What an idiot?  You know what Reed, you’re a creep and you can’t get a girlfriend, why not?  Because you’re a creep…that’s why you have no girlfriends…women don’t like creeps.  So, take your creepy ass onto the 400 block and chase a dog.  Bastard.  You not going to hit me…hit me, hit me, my father and brother going to whoop your ass…creep.

Lil Ricky, be quiet…dude be Quiet.  What’s up listen…what..

BOXES!             BOXES!                    BOXES!

gtra-1118-boxcar-single-door-rail-car-golden-triangle-railroad-class-3-mississippi-gtra-golden-triangle-railway-ms_-freight-train-railcarLil Ricky and crew running dastardly for free merchandise at the end of the 500 block. Unhitch It, Unhitch It, Unhitch It…Berry….dude get up there, yank that motherfucker harder…Yank…loss of air pressure sounds the alarm….BOXES!!! BOXES!!! BOXES!!!  We got boxes, McDonald fries…hell yea, McDonald’s fries…hell yea.  Dude that ‘Berry Yates’ cat pretty good…I know that motherfucker running like someone was chasing him.  Yea he lives in the roll houses, big-ass family.  They must have different fathers, one of them light-skinned, brown skin…you know how that work.  Lil Ricky, what you think about their other sister…what’s her name again…Sim.  Her name Sim, yea, I give her 50 feet, she’s tough…her brothers cool, I guess.  I know Berry ran after that boxcar like Walter Payton.  I’m like dam….ROOTS’ Kunta Kente running.  Get back here Toby, Black motherfucker you.  Dude they whoop the skin off Kunta ass…yea that was wild.  I wish we had a color TV…you mean you wish you had a daddy.  I got a father he just works a lot…yea at the county jail sleeping.

And look at your shoes, they just sent a distress signal out. Black bastard, yea look at that big gap, where’s your tooth?  In your momma’ bra…you cross-eyed jack ass, your momma so Black motherfucker fried two eggs on her face…that’s not funny it was when I added cheese on her face….lil Ricky your gap scares little kids…why don’t you visit the dentist, oh you did, he ran away.  Hmm funny creep…you know when you don’t get free lunch, you can’t use food stamps.  We don’t get food stamps, we not on welfare.  You lying motherfucker, your shit is raggedy and if you’re not on welfare…your clothes are.  Black ass—talking about kissing Sheedy.  Sheedy said you didn’t know where things were…and you shot your load when she closed the door.  Sex dummy…you don’t use tools to unsnap a bra…sex bastard…yea what about your sister.  Don’t get your ass whooped…say another word, motherfucker if you breathe before I leave, I’m going to dog walk your ass around that car.  Pussy-ass fuck…Damn Lil Ricky, why you go off on him like that…fuck it just let it go….

Robert ‘Amp’ Williams

Why Has God Not Killed Satan Mate? (British/Irish Theme)

220px-ParadiseLButts1.jpgMe atheists’ tag has been updated or/down classed to agnostic.  Someone approaches, a nice chap, “You Sir” are not an agnostic.  Mister, I blooding well am agnostic, look at me children chap, me swear, my children hearts I’m agnostic.  You’re misinformed are you not mate?  None the difference chum, I have a question, Why Have God Not Killed Satan………..?  Did you not here me mate, I sure bloody-well heard cha, and you do right mind not to repeat it.  All mouth and no trousers, you are chap, me should conk you twice, me sit the days over, days of mum and dad, but I draw me blade for such blasphemy…me kids would cry. Can’t wait for Mums to hears this, don’t know chap, Satan crafty, he doesn’t sit still, he moves around a bit.   Well if God is all-powerful mate, the bloody Devil would have had a conk or two.  The Devil walking around, free as others, with no trousers no less.  Jimmy, mate, the lord waits for the right moment, no hurry to get the sin sinister.  All right, Satan make mates draw their blades, awhile back, the little Cynthia girl hurt days ago.

You see the new tenant, bubbly one she is, I’ve gone Barmy mate, the British best their gustavedoreparadiselostsatanprofilechap.  Bugger! Here she comes, good bloody well she’s…..Good Day, Lovely Sun today…… Looney, you are chap, the sun, bloody well not speak it again. Blow off, Ta Ta have a lovely day…….Bugger! Mate you ask about the sun?  Me teeth stick together, and me mouth shout it out.  Bob’s your Uncle mate, chump you’re one sick chap.  Back to the porch top, Why has God Not Killed Satan?  For the fricking life of me mate, I bludgeon you me self. If God kills Satan, the world would end, what you say again Brit.

The world would end…how would we know evil from good mate?  All polite mates, brutes, savages all together.  No way…me mum a bit upset, she will be. Bollox, you say chap?  If there’s no Satan thus No God, you think mate…you last from the litter box chap.  Box your ears, or I will. God created Satan not to kill him but to work together.  Bollocks! Mate, me give you bung to leave?  This is outrageous, bloody well nonsensical, God can’t kill Satan.  Me Holy Lord in the Sky, playing both teams.  Me mum, can’t here this, cheerio I’d swear, she goes to heaven tonight. No looking back, “chips burning on stove” I say chap.  What a load of cobblers, bollocks this one.  Think about it mate, why create Satan but no plans to cancel him out chum?

images She’s a bubbly one, things all fit well mate, you said that 8 hours ago.  Satan can’t die because he don’t exist. How does the evil one get a pass on death?  It’s something in the fish & chips pal?  Where in the good book does, this battle originates and concludes, total bollocks.  Me God can see all, sure whatever you believe, it’s story jimmy, created to control.  Control Whom, Me Mum?  The bloody followers none the wisest, it’s mind-control at its best.  Benny Hill, I tell you…God kills Satan, problem solved, even those Irish, the whole lot, live in peace.  Nice picture…but total bollocks, Satan is not real.  This going to hurt me mum’s.

The Invisible Dragon.

The First Lady: Sex, Baptism, & Friends

church-womanI walk and vision a companion, she notices my gaze. My attention engages her blouse, a rosy flower gown top, her bubbly breast tight, nipples stiff. We have done this before and often, her husband, the reverend provided our lead in. His Black ass running around chasing hookers and improvised church women. I developed my pleasures for the First Lady on the other side of town. She visits the children’s shelter often, her dark brown bottom unmarked and motionless. I am not shy nor apprehensive on my engagement; I’m living in what was prepared. Yet, I fear, she possesses my secrets, special movements, and excitement with others.

Many men fear to engage the First Lady, not me, she wants love and dirty sex. I sit two rolls back, stroking my thigh, staring into memories, our memories, our fifthly desires. She plays an open game of hide and seek, I fall for it, I accept the cookie and juice offering. She glances at a friend worshiper; my heart anticipates our secret is known. Yet, we never considered the holy church for an escapade with her friend.  Fred Hammond drowns out my private desires, The First Lady, and friend, hmm. Is it possible? Hell, yeacross? Is it, right?

You damn right! Their Black sorority or whatever got ‘em working out like this, now bring that thang over here, wet, real wet. My shaft is restless, staring at both, brown and light-skinned, you feel me. My thrust soaks up the fluids from their Wonder Caves. Both involves themselves as I place the proper music tone, I’m allowed to watch, as both, show me what Holy is about. The First Lady’s eyes go toward the ceiling, her streams flow smoothly like Sade’s beats. There’s never a need for loud sounds, we keep it down, and pass the movement around. The pastors and friends none the wise, it’s going down around town.

I am lost in their passion, they absorb my desires, intimidating but soothing. Her friend’s fingers guiding my boyish hands to snatch her nimble. I am lost, help me, it is intimidating but soothing. Silence again takes my potency and caress the spirit, both spirit unbeknownst before this deliberate seduction. Their hips lay me down, a speechless heroin of a thousand lovers seduces my fears, my fears are their Aphrodite she increases the First Lady’s device. Her friend’s purpose to extract my fantasies, I am soon exhausted by their vigor. In a trance, I vision two companions, neither lives with fear or sadness, we behave this way


Oh, yeah, we locked the church doors.

Robert a, Williams